8 Important Tips To Select The Best Real Estate Agency in Dubai

Dubai’s real estate market is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world. People all over the world are planning to invest in Dubai, as it’s a very dynamic market. As an investor, when you plan to invest in Dubai, it is highly essential to choose the right and the best real estate agency to help you buy or sell properties in Dubai.

A professional real estate agency will help you in all aspects of investing. Infact most of the agencies now provide property management services as an additional service, so the person who buys the property need not worry about maintaining the property after buying.

Here are the 10 important tips that will help you to choose the right real estate agency in Dubai.


Experience Plays A Major Role

Experience plays a very important role when you plan to choose a real estate agency in Dubai. Highly experienced real estate agency will have much deeper knowledge about the current trend in the market, the neighbourhoods that are about to grow, and they can also guide on the right price to buy a property in a particular neighbourhood.

Moreover, based on your investment goal, a professional and an experienced real estate agency can guide on what kind of property to buy and what kind of returns you can expect in the future.

Analyze Their Credentials

A real estate agency that is in business for a longer period will have all required licenses. So, before choosing a real estate agency ask for the licences. In order to be get licence from RERA or DLD the agents need to complete the required training. So a licensed real estate agency will know all the rules and regulations related to real estate, hence they will be able to help you better.

Have A Look At Their Online Presence

Any good real estate agency in Dubai these days has online presence through websites and social media profiles. When you are in the process of selecting the best real estate agency in Dubai, you need to go through their website, see how updated they are, check their social media profiles to read their customer reviews, and see how frequently they post. Checking their social media profiles can also show if they are actively promoting all the latest launches in Dubai.

Consult With Friends and Colleagues

If you are new to Dubai or if you are an expat, you can consult with your colleagues at work. You can ask them to refer any good real estate agency they have dealt with. Asking friends and colleagues for reference is a very good start, as they will be only referring agency they trust.

Ask If They Deal With All Kinds of Properties

When selecting the real estate agency, ask if they deal with all kinds of properties. There are chances that some agencies are more inclined towards off-plan projects, whereas some agencies will be focusing more on read to move properties. So you should choose agencies based on your requirement. If you are looking to invest in an off-plan project, then you should go with the agency that specializes in off-plan projects. So you need to select the right agency based on your investment requirement.

Check If They Offer Any Additional Services

If you are an investor who lives outside Dubai, then it is always difficult for you to maintain the property after buying it. And, it’s going to be more difficult if you choose a ready to move property. Because, when you buy a ready to move property, you can immediately rent it, and the property will need maintenance. So, if the real estate agency offers property management as an additional service, then they can take care of tenant management and they will also maintain the property.

Meet The Agents in Person

After finalising few real estate agencies in Dubai, you can schedule a meeting with them to meet them in person. Meeting them in person will help you to analyze how professional they are, how they speak with their customers, and how patiently they answer all the questions you ask. Based on the interaction with these agencies you can select the right one that fits your expectations.

Ask About How Much They Charge

Finally, before selecting the real estate agency finalize the commercials with them. Enquire how much they charge for the services they offer. Some agencies may work for commissions and some can work for a flat fee. So before finalizing on a real estate agency confirm the commercials with them.


These are the 8 important tips you should follow before selecting a real estate agency in Dubai. Going through this process will help you to identify the agency that best suit your needs and requirements. Buying or selling a property in Dubai is a very big decision. So, you need take your time and choose the right real estate agency for a hassle free buying and selling.

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