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Ultimate Guide to the 10 Best Web Design Company in Dubai (With Ranked List)

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A Web design and development continue to serve as a proven way to improve a company’s branding, audience reach, and better access to services to clients/customers. This increasing need for best website design and digital marketing services has led to the emergence of countless website design and development services in Dubai and beyond.

With so many of the website design services swamping the industry, it becomes impossible to differentiate the good ones from the mediocre ones. Worse yet, you end up with second-rate web developers who charge through the roof but provide hardly any value.

To ensure that you have quick access to the best web design company in Dubai, we scoured the top services and studied the services they provide. We tried out and tested all a website design & development services, features, and benefits they offer. Furthermore, our team tested each company’s proficiency with supplementary services like UI design, mobile applications, and even the feedback given by clients and customers.

Compiling all the top web design and development services, we created a list that contains the cream of the crop. So, if you’re looking for the best web design companies in Dubai, you’ll find it right here.

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Web Design Company Their Best Advantage Overall Rating
1.Legend1st: Hands down The Best Web Design Company In Dubai Highest number of doctors offer treatment. 10/10
2.Infoquest: Best Web Design Company In Dubai For Open Source Solutions Excellent non-surgical treatment 9.9/10
3.Pentagon (Penta Media): Best Web Design Company in Dubai With SEO Expertise Most positive customer reviews. 9.8/10
4.Plan A Agency: Best Web Design Company in Dubai for Branding And Creative Design Professional treatment with high tech equipment 9.7/10
5.Digital Gravity: Best Web Design Company In Dubai for UI/UX Design Large number of treatments at affordable cost. 9.6/10
6.Mighty Warners: The Best Web Design Company in Dubai With Integrated Digital Marketing More than 1000+ satisfied patients 9.5/10
7.Xtreme Gulf: Best Web Design Company In Dubai With Custom Web Applications Excellent treatment available at multiple locations in U.A.E 9.4/10
8.Webolute: Best Web Design Company In Dubai For Full Web Development Services Award winning aesthetics treatment 9.3/10
9.Pentacodes: Best Web Design Company In Dubai With Web Security World class treatment with experienced doctors 9.2/10
10.Brown Men Marketing: Best Web Design Company In Dubai With Influencer Marketing and PR Professional treatment with affordable price 9.1/10

1.Legend1st: Hands down The Best Web Design Company In Dubai

Legend1st: Hands down The Best Web Design Company In Dubai

Legend1st remains one of the best web design companies in Dubai for its excellence in a wide range of a website development and comprehensive digital marketing capabilities. In addition to web design, they stand out in SEO services, design branding, digital marketing, and even 3D video production.

This full suite of a website design and online marketing services makes them the best web design companies in Dubai, according to our tests and findings. Clients can order anything from customized applications and security measures to aesthetic logos and effective SEO strategies.

About Legend1st

Company Name Legend1st
Address Office No. 402, Crystal Tower - Business Bay - Dubai
Location Map
Working Hours Saturday – Thursday : 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday : 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Phone 055 701 5031

The company began in 2010 as a one-man gig dabbling in graphic design and basic website design development. In only a few years, it grew into a full-fledged team of professionals with offices expanding to Egypt and beyond.

Today, Legend1st has established bases across continents with offices in the UK and even Hong Kong. It extends services to the biggest MNCs worldwide yet offers customized services to even the smallest businesses in Dubai, united arab emirates.

Services Offered

Legend1st employs teams of specialists who work on different elements of the business. Besides web design, they use cutting-edge tech to create 3D videos, enhance your online presence through digital marketing, or create engaging and informative content that captures your readers’ and visitors’ attention.

Their graphic design team delivers amazing visuals that pop out to grab your attention on a websites and banners. The mobile app development and the website design services will create and manage top-quality platforms that improve clients’ reach and branding. They also offer social media management and online marketing strategies for businesses looking to expand their customer base.

Additionally, Legend1st’s SEO services have enhanced many businesses’ online presence across Dubai and the UAE. Their optimization schemes and content writing services match the client’s specific needs and context. All in all, they remain the best agency for website design and every related objective when it comes to web development companies in Dubai, united arab emirates.

2.Infoquest: Best Web Design Company In Dubai For Open Source Solutions

Infoquest: Best Web Design Company In Dubai For Open Source Solutions
Company Name Infoquest DMCC
Address Office # 2901, One Lake Plaza - Cluster T - Jumeirah Lake Towers - Dubai
Location Map
Working Hours Saturday – Thrusday : 8:00 AM - 6.00 PM
Friday : Closed
Phone 050 856 6441

Businesses today often require web technologies of programs that can be tweaked to fit their processes. Proprietary solutions often come with rigid features that may look good at first glance but prove inadequate in practice.

That’s where open-source solutions make the difference. Infoquest remains one of the leading firms offering this expertise in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

About Infoquest

Infoquest began as a company in 2008 with a certified team of professionals and developers. The company started garnering more and more satisfied customers thanks to its ability for customized solutions.

Although still a relatively small and growing company, Infoquest is establishing itself as a reliable provider of open-source solutions.

Services Offered

Infoquest delivers a variety of web development technologies to its clients. But the component that truly stands out is their open-source service. Their expertise in content management systems includes common platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. The frameworks they deal with also include Zend Framework and CodeIgniter.

The team will customize and redefine open-source applications to blend in with the client’s business process. Also, their cross-platform integrations ensure that clients get maximum utility from different platforms regardless of whether they’re in ecommerce or serve as a digital agency.

Open-source products continue to make inroads in businesses and projects that require high customization. And companies like Infoquest are revolutionizing the use of these technologies as a web design in Dubai and beyond.

3.Pentagon (Penta Media): Best Web Design Company in Dubai With SEO Expertise

Pentagon (Penta Media): Best Web Design Company in Dubai With SEO Expertise
Company Name Pentagon (Penta Media)
Address Marina Plaza, Suite # 2902 - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai
Location Map
Working Hours Friday – Thrusday : 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday : 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Phone 042 785 122

Pentagon offers web hosting, email hosting, web design, and digital marketing services. However, their handling of SEO and other search engine-related tasks makes them worth checking out.

About Pentagon

Pentagon (also called Penta Media) is an upcoming SEO service provider based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It serves as one of the leading SEO firms with years of experience (over 26 years) in the industry.

They also create eye-catching websites and offer digital marketing services. However, it’s their search engine optimization that truly cuts ahead of the competition.

Services Offered

The SEO team at Penta Media follows a reliable process of optimizing your website or content for increased traffic, enhanced conversions, and more sales. They employ the latest SEO measures, keep track of search engine dynamics, and focus on organic traffic and enhanced online visibility for your business.

The Pentagon SEO team follows a specific process of optimizing your website. This strategy includes link-building, content marketing, and SEO audits to keep track of progress. Within the United Arab Emirates, they use a combination of local SEO and Arabic SEO to ensure that businesses find the right traction and audience.

4.Plan A Agency: Best Web Design Company in Dubai for Branding And Creative Design

Plan A Agency: Best Web Design Company in Dubai for Branding And Creative Design
Company Name Plan A Agency
Address Office 901, The Exchange Tower - Al Mustaqbal St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Working Hours Sunday – Friday : 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday : Closed
Phone 044 310 535

With the growing trend of businesses in any industry, proper brand identity is vital. Plan A is a web design and development agency that continues to excel in this field of a web design companies in Dubai united arab emirates. Their social media marketing and advertising also stand out compared to competitors. But brand-building strategies are the area where they’ve shown maximum efficiency.

About Plan A

As the name suggests, Plan A is an agency in Dubai that seeks to be your primary go-to solution for all things web design. Their full suite of a web design services includes all the features you expect from a good web development company. And their specialization has grown in leaps and bounds when it comes to branding.

The team consists of qualified and professional members whose job is to turn your business towards staying creative, remaining relevant, friendly, and responsive to your target audience.

Services Offered

One of the main tools used by Plan A to enhance your business is brand audits. Here, they use reliable data, innovative designs, and strategies that appeal to the customers and target audience through a web design in Dubai, united arab emirates. The result is that your brand improves its recognition, identity and begins to command a loyal following that’s difficult to achieve without expert intervention.

To enhance a website, they’ll focus on correct brand naming and brand identity. This approach seeks to draw loyalty and support for your business. They can handle everything from designing logos and creating catchphrases to the product packaging and marketing campaigns. In some cases, they may suggest an overhaul of existing designs and go for a complete rebranding policy.

5.Digital Gravity: Best Web Design Company In Dubai for UI/UX Design

Digital Gravity: Best Web Design Company In Dubai for UI/UX Design
Company Name Digital Gravity
Address 904, Dusseldorf Business Point - Al Barsha 1 - Dubai
Location Map
Working Hours Sunday – Friday : 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday : Closed
Phone 042 421 375

The best web design agency ensure that your platforms remain user-friendly and easy to use. Even the most experienced web designers and professional developers may fail to create high-quality for your websites that allow users to enjoy the platform. That’s where companies like Digital Gravity shine in Dubai UAE.

About Digital Gravity

Digital Gravity is a website design agency in Dubai that uses creative strategies and inventive thinking to create a user experience that takes a website to the next level.

They can lend this expertise on user experience to any web project ranging from e commerce sites, web design agency in Dubai to information sites.

Services Offered

They offer support and services for a variety of web projects. However, their web developers show exceptional capabilities when it comes to UI design. Their UX designers remain professional throughout and deliver designs that are creative, user-friendly, responsive, and a pleasure to use.

They can convert PSD to HTML, execute U audits, and add graphic design elements to a website. Also, landing pages designed by Digital Gravity seem to rake in more conversions, higher click-throughs, and increased sales.

They also conduct User experience workshops that help similar companies or upcoming web designers to hone and sharpen their UX/UI skills and capabilities. This team’s dedication in providing a people-friendly user experience remains unmatched if you consider many other similar platforms in Dubai.

6.Mighty Warners: The Best Web Design Company in Dubai With Integrated Digital Marketing

Mighty Warners: The Best Web Design Company in Dubai With Integrated Digital Marketing
Address Office Suite No : #2515 Burlington Tower - Marasi Dr - Dubai
Location Map
Working Hours Monday - Thrusday : 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday : 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday : Closed
Phone 058 172 6602

The success of a web project depends greatly on how well its contents are marketed online. Grabbing the right digital marketing strategy means a website will be able to rein in more clients and project responsive initiatives.

Companies like Might Warners are changing the way digital marketing takes place in Dubai UAE, and outside of the United Arab Emirates.

About Mighty Warners

Mighty Warners is a web development companies in Dubai focused on three core areas. These services include ICT capabilities, integrated digital marketing, and result-driven content writing.

Their full suite of digital marketing services includes SEO research and implementation, social media management, effective use of Google ads, PPC, and strategized YouTube marketing. This integrated and creative approach to your website design development makes them one of the top digital marketing companies in the UAE.

It should also be mentioned here that Mighty Warners have a comprehensive ICT service. This component includes both hardware technologies and software projects for your website, your business, and all its process requirements.

7.Xtreme Gulf: Best Web Design Company In Dubai With Custom Web Applications

Xtreme Gulf: Best Web Design Company In Dubai With Custom Web Applications
Company Name Xtreme Gulf
Address Rashidiya Towers - Abuhrirh St - Al Rashidiya 2 - Ajman
Location Map
Working Hours Sunday – Thursday : 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday & Saturday : Closed
Phone 056 502 8838

Securing customized web applications requires full-stack and comprehensive website development skills. Firms like Xtreme Gulf offer mobile app development and web solutions that come tailor-made for your business.

With extensive experience dealing with different elements of your website design and web development industry, Xtreme Gulf is worth checking out if you seek customized solutions.

About Xtreme Gulf

Xtreme Gulf is a reputed web development company and agency in Dubai that delivers high-quality creations for its clients. While a web design company remains a common service for them, doling out customized web solutions is their main expertise.

They’ve worked with automotive brands like Mazda and engineering firms like Al Shafar. Given this wide range of experience, they count as one of the best web design services and a reliable digital marketing agency in Dubai.

Services Offered

Xtreme Gulf’s services range from your website design and UI design to mobile app development and digital marketing. But their custom web app technologies take the cake when it comes to result-driven products and satisfied clients.

They don’t simply design and create your custom solution. The service includes cost-effective implementation and maintenance. So, your custom solutions come designed for performance and professional web aesthetics and are in tune with modern web technologies.

Data migration, scaling up the website, software development, personalized e-commerce systems, and custom-coded projects are a few of the leading web services this design agency in Dubai offers.

8.Webolute: Best Web Design Company In Dubai For Full Web Development Services

.Webolute: Best Web Design Company In Dubai For Full Web Development Services
Company Name Webolute
Address DAMAC Hills - Dubai
Location Map
Working Hours Sunday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Saturday : Closed
Phone 058 592 2123

The average web development companies in Dubai may offer excellent web design services to your business but struggle with digital marketing. Other times, some agencies may nail the user experience and digital marketing but fail to provide timely maintenance.

Webolute, as the name suggests, is an almost absolute shop for grabbing all these web development and design development services required by your website.

About Webolute

Webolute was created in 2016 by CEO and founder Aman Dhanda. The company’s aim was to become a leading web design development and digital agency. However, their expertise grew more towards a web design company components compared to the marketing strategies.

Today, they qualify as a respected web development company in Dubai UAE and the middle-east. Amand Dhanda’s team grew enough to rope in experts in SEO services and digital marketing, e-commerce development, software development, creative designers, and graphics artists.

Services Offered

Webolute’s website design development capabilities are better than most other competitors in the same category. Their professional web designers, quality assessment, and eye-catching visuals all come as part of the website design agency initiative.

The services also include mobile app development, social media marketing, and managing your website for SEO. However, you may remain better off with comprehensive services like Legend1st if you’re seeking to boost your online presence too.

However, if your business is looking for a functional and aesthetically pleasing website, Webolute’s services in Dubai remain one of the best in the region.

9.Pentacodes: Best Web Design Company In Dubai With Web Security

Pentacodes: Best Web Design Company In Dubai With Web Security
Company Name Pentacodes IT Solutions
Address Dar Al Wuheida Building - P.O-87076 - Office No.214 - Hor Al Anz East - Dubai
Location Map
Working Hours Monday - Friday: 9:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday : Closed
Phone 050 702 8262

Pentacodes boasts of customers and clients that range from cleaning services like EcoPlus and lifestyle brands like Mebashi. In every instance, they seem to have delivered decent web design and development along with respectable social media marketing and digital marketing tactics.

However, these services pale in comparison to the web security measures that companies in Dubai UAE are clamoring for today.

About Pentacodes

Pentacodes began as a company providing IT services in Dubai UAE, and Kochi, India. Since its inception in early 2015, Pentacodes has continued to grow in expertise, manpower, and breakthrough web designs that remain user-friendly, functional, and well-suited for the target audience.

A large-scale rebranding strategy in 2022 turned them into a top-quality agency that offered user-friendly designs all across the Middle-east. Their well-designed website is proof of how their web designers manage to create quality projects consistently.

Services Offered

Pentacodes’ web design services touch everything from app development and digital marketing to social media marketing and e commerce development. Their true specialty, however, lies in their web security services. The Pentacodes team will customize, deploy, and maintain security components for your business as well as in the website.

Encountering censure, loss of data, compromised security, etc., are a few of the risks that your website faces in today’s industry. Pentacodes offers malware protection, vulnerability management, cloud security, and web server security for businesses in Dubai UAE, and Kochi, India.

Basic security measures like SSL certificates, protection from phishing scams, and email security are also among their suite of services.

10.Brown Men Marketing: Best Web Design Company In Dubai With Influencer Marketing and PR

Brown Men Marketing: Best Web Design Company In Dubai With Influencer Marketing and PR
Company Name Brown Men Marketing
Address Shams business Center, Sharjah Media City Free Zone, Al Messaned,Sharjah
Working Hours Saturday - Thursday : 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday : Closed
Phone 050 438 2955

Brown Men Marketing is another digital agency in Dubai UAE, that delivers outstanding social media marketing services. In addition to web design, Brown Men Marketing has accumulated a lot of user experience as one of the best web marketing agencies in UAE.

About Brown Men Marketing

Brown Men Marketing is a company that goes beyond being a web design firm. The firm is known for creative marketing campaigns, outreach success, and capabilities as a digital partner of growing businesses.

They use data-driven strategies and customer-friendly services to garner support for your business. The company is also well-informed on current trends and popular practices that determine how the digital world is growing.

Services Offered

Brown Men Marketing remains one of the best marketing agencies in the UAE. And their expertise is most visible when they take over marketing strategies for influencers and personalities.

Their influencer marketing approach makes use of the best PR management tools, outdoor marketing, SEO services, outreach initiatives, and campaigns that shed light on the influencer’s activities and products. This strategy has been so successful that BMM may implement it for your business or web platforms that seek more visibility.


What Does A Web Design Company Do? Web design companies employ professionals, developers, web designers, and graphics experts to design, create, enhance, and maintain websites and web solutions. Their work may involve building an app, creating a website, coming up with a catchy logo, or simply providing content for the platform. The best web design companies will offer all of these features along with marketing expertise for your business.

Firms like Legend1st are excellent examples of full-suite, full-stack solutions that offer all these components in one place.

How Does Web Design Help Companies? The best web design services and web designers give concrete shape and definition to a company's visions. Whether it's a product being sold, service being provided, or simply information being shared, good web design will elevate your business and brand identity to a wider audience, build trust, and extend your reach to bigger demographics.

How To Pick A Web Design Company? Look for full-suite services and comprehensive digital capabilities when choosing a web design company. Check the company's website to test its user experience, aesthetics, and functionality. Good web design firms will always own excellent websites because it's the first sign of their expertise as web designers and technical skills in action.

To save you the trouble of considering all these factors, we've created this list that contains top providers like Legend1st and Infoquest.

How Much Does Web Design Cost in Dubai? Costs for web design depend entirely on the type of design, platform, and function you require. For instance, basic websites with minimal features may cost you a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, high-end websites with advanced features may cost you tens of thousands in the final bill. Go for affordable providers that can provide quality without charging through the roof for additional features.

Closing Note

Businesses and institutions in Dubai continue struggling to grab the divided attention of customers and clients. The only way out is to enhance their virtual presence and allow easy access to information and products on their shelves.

And few other resources work, as well as good web design if you’re thinking of reaching out to customers. Today, platforms like Legend1st are changing the landscape of modern web design and digital marketing with quality delivery, user experience, technical expertise, and affordable rates.

Enhance your online presence and watch your sales grow by getting through to the best web design companies operating in Dubai.



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