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5 Best Rheumatologist Doctor In Dubai

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Rheumatic diseases are common conditions that will affect all of us as we grow older, which is why treating them is so important. Immense pain in the joints, weakening of the fibrous tissues, and overall damage to the muscles are all symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. If left unchecked, it can cause great damage to your body, especially during old age.

But when it comes to the best rheumatologists in Dubai uae, the search is easier said than done. Dubai has many prominent professionals who are improving the medical quality of this amazing oasis. With so many options, finding the right hospital, medical center, or doctor who can offer the best diagnosis and treatment can be challenging. You need someone with years of experience in rheumatology, a heightened skill for patient care, and a myriad of medical knowledge.

What does a Rheumatologist diagnose or treat?

Well, they treat a plethora of immune-related conditions and ailments, such as arthritis, joint pain etc. Rheumatism is a broad term that lists many health problems, ailments, and physical conditions. You need to ensure that your doctor can tell the difference between osteoporosis and osteoarthritis or be able to detect the formation of ankylosing spondylitis in your bones.

Your doctor needs considerable experience, immaculate expertise, and a knack for rooting out internal issues related to your well-being. That’s why it’s always best to see a specialist with profound and unquestionable skills in rheumatology.

Who Is The Best Rheumatologist Doctor In Dubai?

If you want to know what rheumatologists do? there is no single answer. They treat a collection of health problems associated with bones, joints and overall skeleton.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to finding a qualified rheumatologists in Dubai uae. However, you obviously want the best of the best, which is why we’ve done the groundwork for you.

Today, we will list the top 5 rheumatologists in Dubai and shed some light on their skills, experience, and training. Each is highly accomplished in the field and has helped countless patients enjoy a higher quality of life. Read ahead to learn more.

A Look At The Best Rheumatologists In Dubai

Clinic Their Best Advantage Overall Rating
1. Dr.Bassel F. Darwish wide variety Medical Treatment 10/10
2. Dr. Bhavna Khan Specialist and researcher of endocrinology 9.9/10
3.Dr. Humeira Badsha Excels at treating diabetes and diseases related to hormones. 9.8/10
4.Dr.Irfan Khan More than 40 years of experience as an endocrinologist. 9.7/10
5. Dr.Tharaq Barami Expert in endocrinology, hormones, and diabetes issues. 9.6/10

1.Dr.Bassel F. Darwish - Best Rheumatologist in Dubai

Dr.Bassel F. Darwish

Dr. Bassel F. Darwish is one of the best rheumatologists in Dubai, and it’s not just us saying, the entire medical community seems to agree too! He has the skill, training and experience to put up amongst the top-tier professional in the medical field. He has a strong passion for helping people and has dedicated his life to pursuing excellence.

Dr. Darwish holds an active certification in Internal medicine, which is an accomplishment on its own. He is a rheumatology specialist of the highest degree and an essential member of the American College of Rheumatology.

Although he practices in Dubai, he has a permanent license that allows him to practice in Wisconsin, USA. This is a privilege only a few medical professionals enjoy and one used by almost everyone who can do so. Despite this, Dr. Darwish would rather work in Dubai, where he feels his expertise is most needed.

Education And Training

Dr. Darwish is a graduate of Damascus University, one of the oldest and most prominent universities in Syria, with several branches across the country. After attaining a medical degree from Damascus University, Darwish went on to train in internal medicine at Wayne State University, also known as Detroit’s medical center.

Finally, he traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, to complete his fellowship in rheumatology from one of the elite and most influential universities in the USA, the University of Wisconsin.

Experience In The Field

When it comes to treating children, Dr. Darwish is the one you want. He has vast experience in diagnosing and treating rheumatoid arthritis in children, also called idiopathic or juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. He is also an expert in detecting and treating childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus, a rare and problematic disease. Childhood-onset ankylosing spondylitis is another condition prevalent in young children, and Dr. Darwish knows exactly how to treat it.

But of course, his experience is not limited to children but also includes adults, who make up the majority of his patients. Dr. Darwish has worked as a medical specialist in various countries and has at least 25 years of experience. During that time, he has helped patients with a plethora of conditions related to rheumatism.

He is well-versed in treating spondyloarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus, polymyositis, Sjogren’s syndrome, etc. He has also treated patients with gout, inflammatory bowel disease, and other forms of crystal-induced arthritis.

As an ardent believer in social responsibility, Dr. Darwish aims to provide the best care for a wide variety of patients without classifying them based on economic wealth or social rank. Amongst his interests is finding a solution and the right prevention method for illnesses that are caused due to a lack of Vitamin D. One such disease is osteoporosis, a condition that weakens and deteriorates our bones over time. He wishes to use resources wisely and efficiently while providing evidence-based medical care of the highest quality.

Clinic Health Call
Address Dubai Healthcare City (Near Wafi) District 6, Building, No. 27 Block B, 5th Floor, Clinic 502- Dubai
Location Map
Working Hours Monday - Saturday : 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday : Closed
Phone Clinc Number
043 635 343
Doctor Number
052 197 1179
Clinc Website health-call.com
Doctor Website dubairheumatologist.com
Health Call

2.Dr. Bhavna Khan - Well known rheumatologists

Dr. Bhavna Khan

Dr. Bhavna Khan is an established doctor and medical professional with several years of experience in the field. She is also one of the best rheumatologists in Dubai uae, with countless satisfied patients and a rich history of excellence in medicine. Dr. Khan also holds the prestigious position of medical director at the Integrated Rheumatology and Arthritis Centre in Dubai uae. It is a multi-specialty clinic with state-of-the-art facilities that provide some of the best treatments for rheumatism patients in Dubai, as well as the UAE.

She has traveled around the world in pursuit of excellence and made an impact in the United States and the United Kingdom. Dr. Bhavna Khan is an esteemed member of the Royal College of Physicians located in the UK. She is also a member of the American College Of Rheumatology, which is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. They will be having this year’s convention at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

Dr. Khan is not only a medical professional, but she is also one of the best medical researchers from the United Arab Emirates. She has made countless breakthroughs in research related to rheumatology and has made several publications sharing her insight and knowledge with the medical world.

Education And Training

Dr. Khan has undergone severe training at many prestigious universities across the world and has graduated among the top-tier students. She did her initial rheumatology specialist training in the United Kingdom, from the Mersey Deanery of Liverpool and Manchester. The elite institute awarded her with a Certification of Specialist Training in Rheumatology.

Following her education, she underwent intense academic research and training at the University of Manchester Rheumatic Diseases Centre. Here, she led several significant research projects and provided profound insights into using functional neuro-imaging methods for the cortical processing of arthritic pain in humans.

Dr. Khan’s research was so distinguished that it was presented at the British Society of Rheumatology and the World Congress of the International Association for the Study of Pain. She also underwent training in internal medicine at the Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust, whose location is based in the United Kingdom.

Experience In The Field

As a consultant rheumatologists, Dr. Bhavna Khan has over 15 years of experience and an immense understanding of rheumatology as a whole. Her initial career as a medical professional started in the United Kingdom. Here, she worked as a rheumatologists in the prestigious NHS hospital, arguably the best hospital in Northwest Britain.

During her career, Dr. Khan has led several clinics to diagnose and treat Spondyloarthritis, early inflammatory arthritis, and autoimmune rheumatic diseases in pregnant patients. Her interests lie in conducting musculoskeletal ultrasound treatments, screening for the detection of early diagnosis and its follow-up, and Spondyloarthritis-related MRI.

Her expertise stretches to various subjects such as osteoporosis, metabolic bone diseases, systemic sclerosis, connective tissue disorders, inflammatory muscle disorders, and chronic musculoskeletal pain disorders. She is exceptionally skilled in the detection, treatment, and management of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis.

One of Dr. Khan’s most unique skills is that she can treat these conditions with biological agents, a technique that few can grasp and even fewer have mastered. She believes in a supremely holistic approach when it comes to treating her patients. Each choice she makes comes after an in-depth study and understanding of the patient’s health condition and history. Her many treatments, suggestions, and modifications to diet, lifestyle, and overall routine will improve your well-being.

Dr. Bhavna Khan moved to the United Arab emirates and started working for a prestigious private hospital based in Dubai in 2009. She currently works with King’s College Hospital, whose location is in Jumeirah, Dubai. She also serves as the Medical Director at IRAC, which is an accomplishment in itself.

Clinic Name IRAC Integrated Rheumatology
Address Building 47 Dubai Healthcare City - 102 1st Floor - Umm Hurair 2 - Dubai Healthcare City - Dubai
Location Map
Working Hours Monday - Saturday : 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday : Closed
Phone 044 568 952
Website iracdubai.com
IRAC Integrated Rheumatology

3.Dr.Humeira Badsha - Top Rheumatologist in Dubai

Dr.Humeira Badsha

When looking for the best rheumatologists in Dubai, not many medical professionals can match the expertise, skill, and experience that Dr. Humeira Badsha brings to the table. She has significant experience in the medical field and a massive knowledge of rheumatology, the likes of which we have not seen before. Dr. Badsha can treat a range of conditions related to rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatology as a whole. She has had an accomplished career that led to her founding her own medical center.

Not only is Dr. Badsha a practicing medical professional, but she has also taken out the time to teach and train an array of medical students. Her pupils don’t originate from a single location but are situated across several countries spanning from North America to Asia. She has conducted seminars and masterclasses at Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA, the National University of Singapore, and the most prominent Ivy League institution of them all, Harvard.

Her expertise reigns supreme in the field of medical research as well, and she is highly valued for her unique insights. Dr. Badsha has conducted several clinical studies that shed major light on new techniques and procedures and expanded the knowledge doctors have regarding rheumatology.

She has published over 50 papers on the topic, which is more than anyone else that has caught our attention. All of her findings and research papers have found a home in prominent peer-reviewed journals. What’s more, Dr. Badsha has contributed to at least two chapters in medical textbooks which will benefit future medical students and aspiring doctors.

Education And Training

It all started in Chennai, India, where Dr. Humeira Badsha enrolled for an MBBS at Madras Medical College. It is one of the most prominent medical colleges in the region and is renowned all over India for its amazing faculty and immense training program. The college has given birth to some of the world’s brightest medical professionals, including Dr. Badsha.

Following her MBBS, Dr. Badsha traveled to the USA, where she started training at the prestigious University of California Los Angeles. She was one of the most intelligent and proactive students at UCLA and graduated at the top-tier level.

The university still considers her one of its best students and is proud of the many achievements she gained throughout her years as a medical professional. She also carries certification for Musculoskeletal ultrasound from the American College of Rheumatology, one of the most prestigious medical institutions.

Experience In The Field

As a rheumatologists, Dr. Humeira Badsha has almost thirty years of experience, which is quite an impressive accomplishment. Her practice has taken her to three different countries spread across all corners of the world; Singapore, the USA, and finally, the UAE. Her profound skill in the subject and immense love for patient care makes her one of the greatest, if not the best rheumatologists in Dubai.

She spent most of her early career in the USA, where she worked for some of the most prestigious institutions like Harvard and Tufts. She eventually moved to Dubai around 2005, where she has remained ever since. Needless to say, she quickly rose through the ranks and became a highly sought-after rheumatologists in Dubai.

Dr. Badsha’s expertise lies in a wide variety of subjects, but her specialty is providing treatments and medical tests for patients suffering from gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, scleroderma, Sjogren’s syndrome, fibromyalgia, spondylarthritis, and psoriatic arthritis.

Dr. Humeira Badsha is one of the founding members of the Emirates Society Of Rheumatology, where she served as a secretary from 2008 to 2010. She has chaired and organized a collection of international conferences in the most elite medical circles, including the IIRME Arab Health Rheumatology conference. She is involved in a woman’s health conference event, which takes place every year, and will soon be convening again this year.

She also founded the Dr. Humeira Badsha Medical Center, which is an elite medical institution in Dubai and a professional Emirates Healthcare Company. She currently serves as the Medical director and consultant rheumatologist with countless satisfied patients that grow every year. Visit their official website if you would like to book an appointment with her.

Clinic Name Dr Humeira Badsha Medical Center
Address 27th floor, Al Habtoor Business Tower Dubai Marina, Dubai
Location Map
Working Hours Sunday - Friday : 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday : Closed
Phone 043 856 009
Website drbadshamedical.com
Dr Humeira Badsha Medical Center

4.Dr.Irfan Khan

Dr.Irfan Khan

Dr. Irfan Khan, not to be confused with deceased Indian actor, Irrfan Khan, has enjoyed a long and successful career in rheumatology and specializes in a wide range of practices. He moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2015 and has been working tirelessly to provide impeccable treatment for rheumatoid-based disease and conditions.

Dr. Khan’s unique approach to providing excellent patient care and friendly attitude has won the hearts of many. He provides diagnosis and treatment for patients with a diverse range of conditions; needless to say, he always makes things better. Rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, tendinitis, and psoriatic arthritis are just some of the conditions he has successfully treated in the past.

Education And Training

When it comes to his qualification as a rheumatologist, Dr. Khan has more than enough to be considered one of the best in the country. He first studied in Karachi, Pakistan, at the famous DOW Medical College, one of the best in the region. He quickly gained attention for his vast knowledge and ability to learn, observe and adapt at a moment’s notice. The faculty soon saw him as a shining beacon with a bright future ahead, one that would greatly improve the medical field.

Dr. Khan then traveled to Wales where he completed his foundation year with an increased understanding of rheumatology. He moved to West Midlands in the United Kingdom to complete his core medical training, where he, once again, impressed most of peers and faculty members. Next, he went to Cambridge University Hospitals to complete his CTT; high specialist training in Rheumatology and Internal Medicine.

Experience In The Field

Dr. Khan’s experience working in the field did not start from 2015, but much before, when he was still residing in the UK. He had the privilege to work as a consultant rheumatologist in North Cumbria University Hospitals located in Carlisle, and also, the iconic Ipswich General Hospital.

His skills include providing diagnosis and treatment for a string of conditions, autoimmune diseases and general ailments. However, there are a few core elements where his skills are put to the best use. These include Paget’s disease, tendinopathies, fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal ailments, gout, ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis, amongst others.

He currently works at the prestigious Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital, an astounding medical facility equipped with the latest technology, best staff, and cozy architecture designed to radiate comfort, trust and overall care for their patients. This flawless medical institute started out as a humble polyclinic back in 1985, and has now expanded to become an international level medical facility filled with the best doctors in the Middle East.

Clinic Name Mediclinic Dubai
Address Unit SF - 233, The Dubai Mall - Financial Center Rd - Downtown Dubai - Dubai
Location Map
Working Hours Everyday : 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Phone 800 1999
Website www.mediclinic.ae
Mediclinic Dubai

5.Dr.Tharaq Barami

Dr.Tharaq Barami

King’s College Hospital has always been a top-notch medical facility with only the best professionals in every field. That’s why, doctors working in this esteemed institute are so highly sought-after by patients and hospitals alike. For the last entry on our list, we focus on one such medical professional who is an expert rheumatologist and honored physician held in the highest degree; Dr. Tharaq Barami.

This is a man who has work experience of more than 25 years practicing medicine in the general field and, at least, 14 years more practicing rheumatology. He comes certified from the UK Board and is an expert in treating and managing musculoskeletal conditions, amongst others.

Education And Training

Dr. Barami is a graduate of the Manipal Academy, one of the most reputable institutions in India where only the best can thrive. He then traveled to the UK to complete his higher training under the National Health Service. This is where he trained to be a rheumatology expert from several esteemed institutions such as the University Of Nottingham and the Queens Medical Center. And of course, Dr. Barami also attended the University of Manchester, where he finished his MSC in rheumatology.

Experience In The Field

Dr. Barami has a collective experience of at least 39 years as a medical professional and is one of the most respected doctors in the field. And this was before he started working at King’s hospital as consultant rheumatologist.

Even before his Dubai career, Dr. Tharaq had already served in consultant positions for the Kettering General Hospital and the University Hospital of Leicester, UK. Although he is skilled in a wide variety of specialties, Dr. Barami has a set of distinct interests where his focus is at a heightened level. These include Sjogren’s syndrome, autoimmune vasculitis and connective tissue diseases, behcet’s disease, systemic sclerosis and inflammatory myositis.

Dr. Barami has successfully completed a massive number of procedures including osteoporosis, administering injections for soft tissue and joint treatment, gout, psoriatic arthritis, vasculitis, and ankylosing spondylitis.

Clinic Name King's College Hospital London - Dubai
Address Dubai Hills, Alkhail Road, Marabea’ East Exit,Dubai
Location Map
Working Hours Monday - Sunday : 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday – Friday : Closed
Phone 042 477 777
Website kingscollegehospitaldubai.com
King's College Hospital London - Dubai


Are you aware of what a rheumatologist does but confused about when to consult one? We have the answer for you. Doctors recommend seeing a rheumatologist if you suffer from joint pain accompanied by fatigue and swelling.

There is no direct cure for rheumatoid arthritis; however, you can reduce its risks and limit overall joint damage by seeking early treatment. This includes getting surgery or supportive treatments, making certain changes in lifestyle, or taking disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs.


Rheumatology mostly has to do with treatment related to autoimmune diseases that directly affect the musculoskeletal system. Meanwhile, Orthopedics deals with the treatment of diseases and injuries related to bones and joints. While these fields are different from one another, they do share plenty of similarities and may often overlap with each other.


The frequency of your visits to an endocrinologist will depend on your specific condition and treatment plan. Some patients may need to see an endocrinologist regularly, while others may only need to visit occasionally.



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