Best Laser Hair Removal Dubai- Check Out The Top 10 Clinics!

Best Laser Hair Removal Dubai- Check Out The Top Ten Clinics!

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Is laser hair removal permanent?” would probably be the most asked question for those planning to get this treatment or simply curious about it. If you are looking for an instant answer, it is no.

However, that doesn’t deter the fact that it’s relatively better than the traditional method of removing unwanted hair. This modern laser hair removal treatment lets the hair follicles stay dormant for an extended period of time than shaving or waxing.

Even better is its painless nature, less time-consuming, and prevents scarring on your skin. It is not surprising that laser hair removal treatment is favored by women and men worldwide.

That said, Dubai is no less when it comes to providing one of the best laser hair removal services. Search for the best laser hair removal in Dubai online, and you will see a long list of results, some of which might be bogus.

So, to make your task easier, we have shortlisted the top ten clinics in Dubai providing the best laser hair removal services in the country.

The 10 Best Urologists in Dubai 2023

Clinic Their Best Advantage Overall Rating

1.Elite Style Polyclinic
Expert professional and best reviews. 10/10

2.BellaViso Medical Center
Professional doctors and a quick appointment. 9.9/10

3.M.A.G. Clinic
Well known for urologist treatment in Dubai. 9.8/10

4.Aesthetics International
Luxury treatment with 15 world class doctors. 9.7/10

5.SLIM Poly Clinic
Largest number of doctors in Dubai. 9.6/10

6.7 Dimensions Medical Center
Affordable cost and friendly doctors. 9.5/10

7.Premium Cosmetic Laser Center
High-quality services at an affordable cost. 9.4/10

8.Lelara Aesthetic Clinic
Premium services with high tech procedures. 9.2/10

9.DR Beauty Medical Center
24×7 availability of doctors 9.1/10

10.Cosmocare Medical Center
First choice of all celebrities and influencers. 9.3/10

1.Elite Style Polyclinic

Elite Style Polyclinic

Clinic Name Elite Style Polyclinic
Address 1304 1305 1306 , Al Attar Tower – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Location Map

Working Hours Monday – Saturday : 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Sunday : Closed

Phone 043 250 015

Elite Style Polyclinic is a celebrated aesthetics treatment facility for the best laser hair removal in Dubai that has been established since 2017. It’s a private and independent medical facility with highly skilled aesthetics and medical specialists in the best laser hair removal in dubai. The clinic offers a multitude of services, and one such is the best laser hair removal treatment in dubai.

When you plan to undergo this type of treatment, it’s always advisable to do it from a reputed establishment as it is safer and more effective the best laser hair removal in dubai. In this case, Elite Style is your best stop for laser hair removal treatment in dubai. Not only do they have experienced and certified laser therapists, but they are also very accommodating to their customers regarding laser hair removal Dubai.

Laser Hair Removal Process And Procedure In Elite Style Polyclinic

Elite Style believes in treating the removal of unwanted hair in a non-invasive way without harming the surrounding skin tissues laser hair removal in dubai. They use a diode laser, which is the industry standard for laser hair removal Dubai. It works on all skin types and applies to both men’s and women’s laser hair removal in Dubai.

The laser device emits a light beam that the melanin absorbs, thus affecting the hair follicles laser hair removal Dubai. Repeated session of this treatment destroys the follicles in the skin, resulting in less hair growth in the body.

So, how many sessions for laser hair removal? The clinic usually recommends five to ten sessions, but it may vary depending on the area treated, hair color, skin type, and color.

We highly recommend this clinic for first-timer as they offer a no-cost consultation service. No need to worry about charges as it is free, and you can hear expert advice on the best laser hair removal and other crucial aspects.

Their Clients Says About Them

Katrynna Angela del Solo
6 months ago

Im so happy with my teeth whitening result dr rida made my dental appointment so pleasant and effective, getting appointment was easy and treatment…Read More »
Msmayah Villoso
6 months ago

Awesome services. Miko has gone out of the way to make me feel comfortable during the entire treatment. Dr. Rida was on point with procedure…Read More »
Evgenya Kostenko
2 years ago

I have done 2 fat freezing sessions in here. Great service, friendly staff, very quiet and nice atmosphere. The result is really visible, I’m very…Read More »

2.BellaViso Medical Center

BellaViso Medical Center

Clinic Name BellaViso Medical Center
Address Office 306, 3rd Floor, Al Deyaar Building, Al-Barsha 1, Al-Barsha Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Location Map

Working Hours Everyday : 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Phone 050 427 8083

Get unwanted hair in your body removed with the latest laser hair removal technology at BellaViso. This Dubai-based medical center provides an array of services, including aesthetic treatment and dental healthcare.

It is a well-organized medical center where each department is assigned required medical professionals and experts. Under laser hair treatment, they have a team of qualified laser therapists equipped with the latest laser hair removal technology for the best laser hair removal Dubai.

The only disadvantage of this clinic is that it offers no free consultation services, which might be prevalent in most medical facilities for laser hair removal Dubai. However, if this is fine for you, book an appointment right away through their official website.

Laser Machine Used In Bellaviso

BellaViso’s latest offering is Candela GentleMax Pro, which has been adopted in over eighty countries for laser hair removal Dubai. This laser device helps get rid of unwanted hair without pain and safely does the best laser hair removal Dubai.

It also smoothens your skin, further attesting to its reliability and effective result the best laser hair removal Dubai. The equipment also provides multiple treatments, including tattoo removal, beard bumps, hair reduction, and more.

So, next time you visit the clinic for laser hair treatment, you can avail of these treatments if you are suffering from one. Because of this equipment, this multi-facility clinic gives an edge over other clinics in Dubai.

Their Clients Says About Them

5 months ago

Been a successful journey for my braces. The services is absolutely amazing and they never fail to do follow up every time I have an…Read More »
Joann Gadayan
6 months ago

We were impressed with the attentiveness and friendliness of everyone at the clinic during our visit. Everyone is happy and polite! In addition, it provides…Read More »
Jocelyn Delgado
3 months ago

I highly recommend this clinic. I’ve done my extraction and root canal here. My friend for braces and it was a good experience. We are…Read More »
Janet Chebrot
3 months ago

Just finished my braces adjustment with Dr.Ana beautiful and kind all the way from 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Brazil.
I love how gentle her hands on 😍…Read More »
Aj Princess
6 months ago

First off the fact that the parking system is so organized I knew it was going to be a great experience.
A big shout to Clarence…Read More »

3.M.A.G. Clinic

M.A.G. Clinic

Clinic Name M.A.G. Clinic
Address Al Barsha 1, API Business Suites, 3RD Floor, Sheikh Zayed, Dubai,United Arab Emirates

Location Map

Working Hours Monday – Friday : 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Saturday : 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Sunday : Closed

Phone 043 794 444

This private Dubai-based aesthetic and medical clinic has been functioning since 2013. In 2018, it ventured into multiple specialties, including mental health, dental care, dermatology, laser hair removal, and many more.

It provides laser hair removal services instilled with the latest technology. They have experienced laser therapists that help remove unwanted hairs on your body safely and pain-free with the best laser hair removal Dubai. Whether it is bikini area, facial or underarm hair, it covers all aspects.

Although there hasn’t been specific mention of the type of laser technology used, it’s pretty assuring to see the positive feedback from the client’s laser hair removal Dubai.

Besides, the M.A.G. clinic is also fully accredited and recognized by The Joint Commission (United States) and the Dubai government.

Services Offered In M.A.G. Clinic

Why hop from one clinic to another when you get all types of treatment under a roof? Besides laser hair removal, it also offers a multitude of services, such as:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Chiropractic
  • Mental Health
  • Dental Care
  • General Medicine
  • Orthopedic
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • Skin Care
  • Physiotherapy

M.A.G. clinic has experienced and certified medical practitioners assigned for each job and responsible for laser hair removal Dubai. It provides the best laser hair removal in Dubai and offers high-quality patient-focused services on other specialties as well.

Their Clients Says About Them

Sama Juwale
5 months ago

Dr Kavita is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable during the dental treatment . Step by step she tells what procedure is she doing….Read More »
Jayasree Rajendran
5 months ago

Knowing Dr. Kavitha from my community, met her in MAG Clinic to get a second opinion for my tooth extract. She has utmost patience, very…Read More »
Jaypee Ancheta (Jp Ancheta)
4 months ago

Best treatment I had in many years. Would like to commend Dr. Zak, one of coolest Doctors I have met so far, professional and knwledgeable…Read More »

4.Aesthetics International

Aesthetics International

Clinic Name Aesthetics International
Address Utamah Villa # 1049c, Intersection of Al Wasl Rd & Al Thanya Rd – Al Wasl Rd – Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emiratess

Location Map

Working Hours Sunday – Thursday : 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Friday : 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday : 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Phone 043 845 600

Stop searching for the best laser hair removal in Dubai when you have Aesthetic International. It’s an award-winning clinic primarily known for plastic surgery but has gradually ventured into providing other specialties as well as laser hair removal Dubai.

Dr. Jaffer Khan established Aesthetics International in 2011. He is also a specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon that has been practicing since 1998. The clinic comprises a team of well-qualified aesthetics physicians, each with expertise in a particular field of laser hair removal Dubai.

The clinic has excellent laser machines that cater to removing unwanted hair in any body area and hair type. Before conducting the laser hair removal treatment, they do a patch test first. It will determine what mode of treatment to follow in laser hair removal in Dubai.  

Laser Machines Used In Aesthetics International

Aesthetics International has a unique approach to laser hair removal in dubai. It uses different laser machines to treat a particular body area or hair type.

Cynosure ELITE

It’s a top-tier machine providing a painless treatment and a long-lasting solution. There is no icing method as it automatically blows out cold air laser hair removal Dubai.

 23Cynosure Nd YAG Laser

This laser machine is more effective in thick and dark hair. Like ELITE, it also blows out cold air providing comfort to the client while undergoing the laser hair removal in Dubai.

What are you waiting for? Get the best hair removal treatment at Aesthetics International, which provide high-quality service based on your hair color, skin type, and body area.

Their Clients Says About Them

Kate Puhachova
a month ago

I did CO2 laser face treatment in the beginning of February with Dr Zara. It was not the first time I tried laser, but for…Read More »
Emma Quintin
2 months ago

Simply the best in the UAE. As a long standing client of Aesthetics International I can honestly say that you are treated with such genuine…Read More »
4 months ago

I have gone to Aesthetics International for a few appointments so far and I only have great things to say about them. I have done…Read More »
6 months ago

Super friendly and professional. My first time with Botox and Dr Khan and the nurses were informative and highly skilled. I would definitely recommend if…Read More »
Victoria Nesterova
3 months ago

Really great clinic. Cozy and professional atmosphere, and a feeling you are taken care of. Dr Kirsten is a magician, and you can trust the…Read More »

5.SLIM Poly Clinic

SLIM Poly Clinic

Clinic Name SLIM Poly Clinic
Address 3rd Floor, Oasis Mall, Between 2nd & 3rd Interchange – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Location Map

Working Hours Saturday – Thursday : 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Friday : 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Phone 043 437 987

SlimSpa is a ladies-only spa providing multiple services, from body contouring to laser hair removal in Dubai. This Dubai-based clinic is instilled with the latest and advanced machines for all types of treatment with laser hair removal.

Some women might not be comfortable getting laser hair removal treatment in a unisex clinic. If you have the same issue, this clinic would be perfect. Besides removing unwanted hair with laser hair removal Dubai, you can also avail of other services.

They have certified physicians and therapists for specialties, making it easy for the customers to navigate without the hassle of laser hair removal.

Services Offered In SlimSpa

Want to know what other treatments they offer besides laser hair removal? Check the list below:

  • Body contouring
  • Acne & Pigmentation
  • Injectables
  • Facial
  • Body Contour

Their Clients Says About Them

Madhusha Dilhani
3 months ago

I dont have enough words to express how happy I am with this place. For years, Ive been visiting a garbage Clinic in the same…Read More »
hossam eldeen gamal
5 months ago

Very nice clinic with multiple specialists.
Ophthalmology, ENT, GP and gynecology.
They accept major insurance and reasonable prices for cash patients.
Nithin M S
4 months ago

I am really happy with the best service ever received from a GP doctor in Dubai. Dr. MARIANNE ESTARIS I am saying thank you…Read More »
Nikhil Kuttan
2 months ago

Excellent Service from the customer care to book appointment to the Clinic staff. The Lady, I think her name is Athira( customer care) she is…Read More »
Dianne Dilla
5 months ago

I had my first visit with Dr. Marianne Estaris and it was a delight. She immediately made me feel very comfortable and it felt as…Read More »

6.7 Dimensions Medical Center

7 Dimensions Medical Center

Clinic Name 7 Dimensions Medical Center
Address Near Dubai Miracle Garden, Diamond Business Centre A, 1st Floor, Arjan, Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Location Map

Working Hours Everyday : 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Phone 042 434 777

7 Dimensions Medical Center is another best laser hair removal clinics in Dubai. Aspiring to produce the best medical services in the country, this multi-specialty institution has been providing quality healthcare services for best laser hair removal. It has eighteen operating clinics in different specialties.

It also offers complete body hair removal for both men and women. It has advanced laser machines to remove unwanted body hair, thus resulting in a long-lasting solution for best laser hair removal dubai. Their fully customized procedure allows you to have a comfortable best laser hair removal session.

Additionally, the clinic has DHA-certified laser therapists that help get rid of unwanted hair safely. If you’re interested, book an appointment online for best laser hair removal or via WhatsApp.

Full body best laser hair removal in Dubai for a single session would cost AED 490 for women and AED 600 for men. They also offer free consultation services with laser specialists before you undergo best laser hair removal treatment in Dubai.

Laser Machine Used In 7DMC

7DMC uses Cynosure Elite+, which is an advanced hair removal laser. It effectively works on all types of skin and body areas. Throughout the procedure, it emits cool air providing the most comfortable treatment for laser hair removal Dubai.

It also features custom wavelengths for different treatments, which helps target particular areas and thus leads to gradual permanent hair removal.

Their Clients Says About Them

Jesica Gioitta
8 months ago

I visited this clinic for the first time and it’s absolutely amazing! Personal is super attentive and professional. They have 10 unique and individual clinics….Read More »
Chirpelean Raluca
7 months ago

I visited this clinic for the first time and was an amazing experience! The personal was so professional.You will find lots of specialities…Read More »
Pilates GIrl DXB
a year ago

Great discovery! Near to my home and very well established centre with chiropractor, physio rehab, plastic surgery and beauty services. Went there for hydrofacial and…Read More »
Reeshna Rajan
a year ago

Amazing, I had a great laser session with this wonderful team, I really love to come here again and again, Please if you wish to…Read More »
2 months ago

Beautiful clinic and atmosphere! Staff are so friendly and really informative about the treatments! Absolutely loved coming to 7dimensions and would highly recommend! Can’t wait…Read More »

7.Premium Cosmetic Laser Center

Premium Cosmetic Laser Center

Clinic Name Premium Cosmetic Laser Center
Address Al shafar Building 7 – 102 Al Wasl Rd – Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Location Map

Working Hours Saturday – Thursday : 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Friday : Closed

Phone 055 477 6550

Get to experience high-quality best laser hair removal treatment at Premium Cosmetic Laser Center. It offers the best hair removal in Dubai and services such as laser tattoo removal, hair bleaching, and laser skin resurfacing.

The clinic is updated with advanced technology and strives to provide standardized personal care gently. Why go for a painful process like waxing to get rid of unwanted hair when there is laser treatment?

Some may have questions like, is laser hair removal safe? also for breast? It’s 100% safe, and this best laser hair removal treatment is even possible near the breast area.

And what is safer than getting treated from a reputed clinic such as Premium Cosmetic Laser Center? They have certified and experienced medical experts equipped with the latest technology to get rid of unwanted hairs in any body area with with laser hair removal in Dubai.

Laser Machine Used In Premium Cosmetic Laser Center

The clinic has high-power laser machines with a DCD Cryogen cooling system, allowing maximum comfort during the treatment. It uses the GentleMax Pro laser, which is a leading hair removal treatment known for providing optimum results in best laser hair removal in Dubai.

With the cooling system, you get to have the best experience in best laser hair removal in Dubai, where you only feel slight pain when the laser hits the skin, but it doesn’t last long. In most cases, numbing cream isn’t required and is only applied if the patient has sensitive skin.

Their Clients Says About Them

Kanae Mito
a month ago

I did session later remove hair. It was machine was very nice and staffs are very kind. Also i could consult about dentist which i…Read More »
Veronika Abdullina
7 months ago

Had a pleasure to visit the clinic for dental work and cosmetic procedures. The team of specialists are very considerate and sincere. While they could…Read More »
Sami Koudsi
4 months ago

My experience in Premium Cosmetic Laser Center was a very good one. I had a skin problem, and I had to deal with it asap,…Read More »
Jennifer Nwodo
2 months ago

Fantastic experience. Great team, friendly staff and very welcoming. I managed to secure a last minute appointment and the entire process was efficient and professional….Read More »
Georges Saliba
4 months ago

A very professional and friendly team, Aline and Hanadi make sure you are welcomed with a smile in good hands and a relaxing environment. I…Read More »

8.Lelara Aesthetic Clinic

Lelara Aesthetic Clinic

Clinic Name Lelara Aesthetic Clinic
Address Concord Tower – Al Sufouh street – 19th floor 1904 – Dubai Media City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Location Map

Working Hours Everday : 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Phone 043 396 966

Waxing may be good, but it’s time-consuming. Also, the hair grows within a week! A better alternative would be switching to laser hair removal, which is more effective plus allows you to do full body hair removal.

Lelara Aesthetic clinic might just be the right stop to get this kind of laser hair removal treatment. Instilled with the latest laser machines and a team of D.H.A. certified professionals with years of experience, expect effective and optimum results in laser hair removal.

This clinic lands the best laser hair removal in Dubai because of its state-of-art equipment and endless treatment options.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Lelara

At Lelara, various kinds of hair removal treatments are provided. Take a look into some of it:

  • Full and semi-body hair removal
  • Abdomen line and Nipple area
  • Bikini line, cheeks, full neck, and ears
  • Full face and underarms
  • Face beard, full bikini, and shoulder top
  • Buttocks, half arms, and abdomen.
  • Upper lip, eyebrows, jawline, hairline, and chin.

Their Clients Says About Them

Gulfiza Ganieva
6 months ago

Great vibes, service and results.
I do facial here regularly as well as fillers since over 3 months now. Clean, painless, and results always beyond expectations.
Lelara…Read More »
5 months ago

As a physician and as a first time client i couldn’t be more happy , i left my skin in Maria expert hands.
The first contact…Read More »
Katie Ruch
2 months ago

Maria is an amazing aesthetician. I had a dermaplaning appointment, and she explained everything to me and checked in on me throughout the process. Her…Read More »
Jessie Sanchez
2 weeks ago

Maria is a truly the best! I feel very grateful to have experienced a cleansing hydrofacial with her. Such a kind soul! I appreciate the…Read More »
Wissem Bendouma
5 months ago

I found this clinic online, I went for consultation with Ms. Maria for deep cleaning facial, she explained to me everything and she advised me…Read More »

9.DR Beauty Medical Center

DR Beauty Medical Center

Clinic Name DR Beauty Medical Center
Address Villa 35 Jumeirah St – Next to Mercato Shopping Mall – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Location Map

Working Hours Monday – Saturday : 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Sunday : Closed

Phone 042 660 031

If you’re looking for a conveniently located place to do laser hair removal in Dubai, don’t miss out on DR Beauty Medical Centre. It provides one of the best laser hair removal services equipped with the latest technology to get rid of unwanted hair on your body.

The center has state-of-the-art laser technology, which delivers an effective and safe treatment for laser hair removal. Its simple and quick procedure allows you to have a good experience without facing any complications with laser hair removal.

Besides its convenient location, it also offers flexible scheduling allowing you to book an appointment based on your convenience laser hair removal.

Services Offered In DR Beauty Medical Centre

Unlike other clinics, DR Beauty focuses solely on laser hair removal. It provides all kinds of laser treatments, from full body hair removal to the breast area.

The center has experienced clinicians that adhere to the standard procedures, thus allowing you to have maximum comfort with laser hair removal. Even better are their customized hair removal treatments that help give long-lasting results.

Their Clients Says About Them

Jawad Rana
3 months ago

I personally would have given them 10 stars if that was available on google reviews. The skills, expertise, demeanor, energy, positive- thoughts and experience in…Read More »
Sophia Helena Simon
a month ago

I went for full body laser for the first time and nurse Apple talked me through the whole process whilst doing the procedure. She informed…Read More »
a month ago

Highly recommended if you are looking for professional staff with very good knowledge, organized place with stunning atmosphere.
What I was offered is what I got.
It’s…Read More »
hossam mekawy
2 months ago

Tried many clinics before
This is one of the best I’ve dealt with honestly
Starting from scheduling appointments to greetings and quality of service
Lina and Mariana are…Read More »
Zaina Tayyan
a month ago

Dr. Kinan is the BEST doctor ever! Very honest and professional. He did my lips and dissolved the bad work that the previous doctor did…Read More »

10.Cosmocare Medical Center

Cosmocare Medical Center

Clinic Name Cosmocare Medical Center
Address Room no. 08 1st Floor, Al Satwa Building ,2nd December Street Satwa , Dubai,United Arab Emirates

Location Map

Working Hours Everyday : 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Phone 043 798 747

Last but not least on the list of best laser hair removal Dubai is Cosmocare Medical Centre. It’s a private clinic with state-of-the-art technology supported by experienced and certified medical professionals.

Cosmocare provides a multitude of health services, such as plastic surgery, dermatology, laser hair removal, skin care, plastic surgery, laser beam treatment, gynecology, dentistry, and many more. Laser hair removal is one of their prominent services, with dedicated customers comprising both males and females.

It does laser hair removal treatment on all skin and hair types. The center also uses advanced laser machines with a cooling effect to obtain an optimum result and a comfortable experience with laser hair removal.

Whether full body or bikini area, the clinic caters to any type of laser hair removal. Schedule an appointment online to get treated by the best laser therapists for laser hair removal.

Also, currently, there is an 80% off on full body hair removal. Hurry up if you need one since it’s a special offer and is available for a limited-time laser hair removal.

Their Clients Says About Them

Mrs Krueger
5 months ago

I was looking for a trusted Clinic to do my mole removal. After searching for a month, I found Cosmocare over Google search. The building…Read More »
Koeke Losren
3 weeks ago

I did a test here. The price was good compared to other clinics in Dubai, but what really stood out got me was the amazing…Read More »
Jessa Rose Isidro
2 months ago

The nurses are very helpful they will assist you , answer all the concerns and will helpyou until you finish the treatment. I am very…Read More »
3 months ago

I can’t thank Dr. Zeba Kanchwala enough, she is so kind and compassionate and puts the patient at so much ease. I had a very…Read More »
Gopal Gourav
4 months ago

I got a very good experience with hospital and the doctors who gave fantastic care and precise treatment to me.And I’m blessed the treatment directly…Read More »

What Are The Do’s And Don’ts After Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive process, but there are dos and don’ts that you need to follow to get a smooth outcome. Since the laser hair removal involves exposing the skin to heat, it needs time to cool down.

Even the doctor will give specific instructions on what to do post-laser hair removal treatment. So, can I wash after laser hair removal? Yes, but use a soft and clean cloth with cool water and apply gently on the treated area.

What To do Post-Laser Hair Removal

Here is what you need to do after laser hair removal treatments:

  • Swelling happens after laser hair treatment which is common since your skin is exposed to heat after laser hair removal. Apply gently on the affected area with a cool, damp soft cloth or ice pack.
  • Take medicine as directed by your doctor to promote healing and soothe the pain.
  • After laser hair removal treatment, avoid exposing sun exposure for at least a month. The treated area is extra sensitive after the laser hair removal procedure, and exposure to the sun will affect the skin.

What To Avoid Post-Laser Hair Removal

You need to be more careful during the post-procedure of laser hair removal as the skin needs to heal. Here is what you should not do after laser hair removal:

  • Avoid waxing or tweezing during this phase, as it may irritate your skin after laser hair removal.
  • Do not tan after the treatment of laser hair removal, as it may cause permanent pigmentation or lead to serious burns.
  • Take at least four to six weeks off until the next treatment of laser hair removal. Give time for your skin to heal since it is sensitive to heat.
  • Do not apply perfume products after laser hair removal as it may irritate the skin and cause reactions due to its sensitive state.
  • Wait at least two days post laser hair removal to take a hot shower or bath. The hot water will provide discomfort or irritation to your skin.
  • Stay away from the hot tub or pool for at least a week, as it contains harsh chemicals and chlorine that will affect the skin after the laser hair removal.


Can Estheticians Do Laser Hair Removal In Dubai?

Can Estheticians Do Laser Hair Removal In Dubai?
Estheticians usually do skin treatments such as chemical peels, facials, waxing, and body treatments. In some clinics, they may do laser hair removal but needs to be certified.

Which Is Better, Laser Hair Removal Or Waxing?

When it comes to hair removal, there is no one size fits. The critical difference between these two is how often you need to undergo treatments. Doing laser hair removal saves time and reduces hair growth gradually. In waxing, you need to wax every three to six weeks.

What are the typical side effects of Laser Hair Removal?

Side effects are rare in laser hair removal; even if it happens, it is minor and last one to three days. Common side effects are swelling, discomfort, and redness.

Final Thought

The traditional hair removal method leaves mostly scars that harm your skin and often produce thicker hair as compared to laser hair removal. But laser hair treatment reduces hair growth and leaves your skin smooth and silky.

When it comes to laser hair treatment, questions likedoes laser hair removal hurt? How much it cost?always evokes among the masses. It doesn’t hurt besides typical side effects like swelling, which go away after a week or two.

Undeniably it may be costlier than the traditional ones, but it is worth the cost since it reduces hair growth gradually. In some cases, it leads to permanent hair removal. Nevertheless, it is up to the individual whether to undergo laser hair removal treatment or not.

Visit a reputed and certified medical center should you decide to do it. You can refer to the top ten clinics mentioned above if you are confused or have no idea about laser hair removal.


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