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Best Physiotherapist in Dubai

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Finding the best physiotherapist in Dubai is really difficult when you are living in the hub of a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy is good in curing constant pain affects people’s daily life activities, so the best physiotherapist is required to treat all your problems. One of the best physiotherapists can only help you to get rid of pain and enjoy life as you want.

This article is all about the nearby physiotherapists who can facilitate you in the best possible way. We have listed a few of the best-trusted physiotherapists in Dubai for you to find. With all this, we have shortlisted the physiotherapist according to their availability, expertise and cost.

When choosing the best physiotherapist in Dubai, you must ensure that the staff is professional and experts in their field; otherwise, it can harm you. Read this article before choosing a trustable and best physiotherapist in Dubai.

Top 10 Best Physiotherapist in Dubai

Clinic Their Best Advantage Overall Rating
1. UniCare Home HealthCare Highest number of doctors offer treatment. 10/10
2. Pflege Home HealthCare Excellent non-surgical treatment 9.9/10
3. Emirates European Medical Centre Most positive customer reviews. 9.8/10
4. Dubai Physiotherapy & Family Medicine Clinic Professional treatment with high tech equipment 9.7/10
5. GMC Clinics Large number of treatments at affordable cost. 9.6/10
6. Physiowell Chiropractic & Physiotherapy More than 1000+ satisfied patients 9.5/10
7. Blue Tree Clinics Excellent treatment available at multiple locations in U.A.E 9.4/10
8. Health Serve Home Healthcare Award winning aesthetics treatment 9.3/10
9. Neuropedia Children’s Neuroscience Center World class treatment with experienced doctors 9.2/10
10. Anatomy Rehab Professional treatment with affordable price 9.1/10

1. UniCare Home HealthCare

UniCare Home HealthCare
Clinic Name UniCare Home HealthCare
Availability 24×7
Contact 888-512-9134
Address Online Services
Website unicarehomehealth.com

Unicare Home HealthCare is one of the oldest healthcare centres providing services since March 2008 to Miramichi and other areas. It is operated by Lisa Williams, BA, BAA, and BEd, who is known as a valued member of the New Brunswick Home Support Association. She has recently become part of the Education and Training Committee for the province of New Brunswick, which aims to create a unified training curriculum for all home support caregivers. We have utilised this curriculum to provide certified training to current and future employees as Personal Care Aides (PCA).


Suppose you are searching for the best physiotherapist in Dubai at affordable rates. In that case, Unicare Home Healthcare can be the best choice as they facilitate their patients with countless services like companionship, home care, long-term care and Personal care. The staff is quite cooperative and professional, and they keep motivating the bodies and minds of the patients through playing cards or crossword puzzles. That’s why it’s one of the best physiotherapist centres where you can eliminate all your pain.


See what our loyal patients are saying about us.

“The caregiver helps my mom with everything: getting dressed, meals, housekeeping, etc. It allows me to leave the house to pay bills, pick up groceries and run other errands, especially since I don’t have brothers or sisters to help me care for my mother.”


“Unicare allows the client to continue to function in their own home, and since the caregiver only has one client at a time, the service is of higher quality and proper attention is given. It is nice for someone with dementia to stay in a place they recognise instead of being with strangers.”

2. Pflege Home HealthCare

UniCare Home HealthCare
Clinic Name Pflege Home HealthCare
Availability 24×7
Contact 058 100 6629
Address Online Services
Website pflege.ae

Pflege Home Healthcare Center is the perfect choice if you are looking for home services. They help you manage and prevent several physical impairments caused due to injury, illness, lifestyle and ageing at your home.


Sometimes it is difficult for patients with severe issues, so they can’t make it possible to the hospital and prefer to get services at home. Keeping in mind the convenience for their patients is the top priority, and you can receive the physiotherapy treatment in the comfort of your home.  A person’s mobility, strength and overall health are essential to be maintained and if you want to build strength in your body, connect with Pflege Home Healthcare.


Now it’s easier to achieve your therapy goals with their highly skilled physiotherapists who can come to your home with all the necessary equipment and techniques.


Whether you are in the process of recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or simply aiming to enhance your overall physical well-being, their at-home physiotherapy services can be beneficial. The therapists will collaborate with you to create a personalised treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals. They offer continuous support and guidance to help you achieve long-lasting results. Each patient is assigned an experienced physiotherapist who provides attentive care and aids in the healing process.


The comprehensive physiotherapy services include strength training, therapeutic massages, targeted exercises, balance training, correction of imbalances, posture improvement, and neuro-developmental therapy. Trained and knowledgeable professionals administer all of these services. For top-notch in-home care services, look no further than Pflege. They have established a reputation for delivering exceptional home health care services.

3. Emirates European Medical Centre

Emirates European Medical Centre
Clinic Name Emirates European Medical Centre
Timing 08:30 am - 08:00 pm
Contact 04 348 1166
Address Villa 119 - Al Thanya St - Umm Suqeim - Umm Suqeim 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Website chiropracticdubai.com/

At the clinics, they have a dedicated and passionate team comprising global talent who offer a wide range of health treatments, including chiropractic and physiotherapy services suitable for the entire family. They take pride in caring for patients of all age groups, including infants and pregnant women.


The expertise of Emirates European Medical Center is in several different fields:


Emirates European Medical Centre clinic offers top-quality chiropractic treatments that effectively cater to a diverse range of patients in the Middle East region. With a team of experienced chiropractors in Dubai, we have successfully provided exceptional care to patients worldwide. The chiropractors have honed their treatment methods over decades of experience gained in various countries, including Italy, Dubai, USA, Bermuda, Mauritius, South Africa, India, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Lebanon, and the UK. Whether you are dealing with a sports injury, back pain, headaches, neck pain, disc herniation, leg pain, scoliosis, frozen shoulder, or any other discomfort, their dedicated team of chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists in Dubai is equipped with the expertise to ensure a pain-free life for you.

At Emirates European Medical Centre, patients often collaborate with the physiotherapy department, where qualified staff follows the treatment protocol your chiropractor recommends.


Under the guidance of the chiropractor, the physiotherapist complements your chiropractic treatment with various therapeutic approaches to expedite your complete recovery. Physiotherapy may include manual therapy, mobilisation techniques, customised exercise programs, and the utilisation of our advanced Zimmer equipment, which combines ultrasound, electro-stimulation, and Electro-Stimulation therapies. Each patient receives the appropriate therapy based on their condition at each stage of the healing process.


Whether your physiotherapy session occurs before or after your chiropractic treatment, integrating these treatments aids in the rehabilitation process by promoting the development and restoration of the body’s systems, particularly the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems. This enables patients to regain pain-free movement and improved function as quickly as possible.


The highly skilled physiotherapists treat patients of all ages for various conditions, including injuries and fractures (including sports injuries), muscle, ligament, joint issues, post-surgical rehabilitation, postural problems, decreased mobility, and neurological conditions. Treatment methods involve encouraging patients to return to regular exercise and mobility through manual and mechanical techniques such as therapeutic mobility and exercise therapy, different forms of massage, manual lymphatic drainage, ultrasound, TENS, and electrotherapy. A notable aspect of the treatment approach is advanced Zimmer system, which helps reduce overall pain levels and is often profoundly relaxing by our patients.


If your doctor has advised or referred you solely for physiotherapy, please contact Emirates European Medical Center as they will be delighted to assist you with an appropriate treatment plan.

4. Dubai Physiotherapy & Family Medicine Clinic

Dubai Physiotherapy & Family Medicine Clinic
Clinic Name Dubai Physiotherapy & Family Medicine Clinic
Timing 08:00 am - 07:00 pm
Contact 04 349 6333
Address Town Centre - 1st Floor - Jumeirah Beach Rd - Jumeirah - Jumeirah 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Website dxbphysio.com

Dubai Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that focuses on the treatment of human function and movement. Its primary goal is to promote, maintain, and restore physical well-being by addressing physical conditions. The clinic specialises in various areas, including sports medicine, musculoskeletal disorders, post-operative and injury rehabilitation, back and neck injuries, manipulation and manual therapy techniques, muscle balancing, and hands-on physiotherapy treatment.


The clinic is dedicated to delivering a high standard of service, ensuring that each patient undergoes a comprehensive assessment. Based on their specific problem, individuals are provided with an individualised treatment plan tailored to their needs.


Many of the physiotherapists at the clinic have extensive experience in dealing with sports-related injuries and have actively participated in prestigious sporting events both in Dubai and abroad. They have supported events such as Rugby 7’s, Australian Rules Football, Tennis, Football 7’s, and more.


Furthermore, the clinic’s team members are passionate about sports and actively engage in various activities such as rugby, marathons, golf, triathlons, cycling, dragon boating, diving, sailing, yoga, and skiing. This firsthand involvement possesses a profound understanding of sporting injuries and the path to recovery.


Dubai Physiotherapy & Family Medicine Clinic provide several services. Their qualified experts are aware of the following fields:


  • Manual Therapy for all musculoskeletal injuries
  • Sports injury and prevention programmes
  • Pre and Post-operative Rehabilitation
  • Neck, back and spinal rehabilitation n
  • Clinical Pilates and core stabilisation programmes
  • Women’s Health
  • Ergonomics

Vestibular rehabilitation

5. GMC Clinics

GMC Clinics
Clinic Name GMC Clinics
Timing 08:00 am - 09:00 pm
Contact 04 349 4880
Location Map
Website gmcclinics.com/

GMC Clinics is one of the well-known clinics where you can find the best physiotherapist in Dubai to relief from your injuries or pain of illness. If you are wondering about any experienced physiotherapist, GMC Clinic is the best choice, as many physiotherapists are giving their best of everything to help you regain strength.

One of the best physiotherapists, Vesela Vasileva, has a Masters’s degree in Physiotherapy and rehabilitation from the National Sports Academy of Bulgaria. As a therapist, she treats various injuries with a customised approach to every patient.

Her expertise includes:

  • Manual therapy,
  • Dry needling therapy,
  • Kinetic control,
  • Kinesio taping,
  • Dynamic cupping therapy


GMC Healthcare LLC is a privately held organisation chaired by Mr Ahmad Abdulrahim Baker, who also serves as the Chairman of the DUTCO Group of Companies. One of GMC Healthcare LLC’s subsidiaries is GMCClinics, established in Dubai in 1976 under Dr Roger Akel’s Medical Centre.


Today, GMCClinics is a renowned healthcare provider in Dubai, serving individuals, families, local corporations, and multinational companies with a dedicated workforce of nearly 200 professionals. The team is committed to delivering safe and efficient medical, dental, and emergency services.


Our clinics, designed to provide comfort and equipped with modern facilities, are strategically located near significant neighbourhoods across Dubai. With a family-oriented atmosphere, we strive to meet the diverse healthcare needs of patients. The comprehensive medical services encompass various specialities such as Aviation Medicine, Cardiology, Dermatology, Dietetics, ENT, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, General Practice, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Pathology, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Dentistry, and Emergency care.

6. Physiowell Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Physiowell Chiropractic & Physiotherapy
Clinic Name Physiowell Chiropractic & Physiotherapy
Timing 09:00 am - 07:00 pm
Contact 04 269 2121
Address Villa 947 Al Manara Area - Al Wasl Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Website chiropracticdubai.com/

Located in Jumeirah, Dubai, Physiowell is a well-established centre that offers chiropractic, osteopathy, and physiotherapy services. The team of experienced physiotherapists possesses comprehensive expertise in rehabilitation and physical treatments at an advanced level. With a focus on manual manipulation of joints, muscles, and neuro-muscular tissues, our chiropractor in Dubai consistently delivers outstanding treatment outcomes that the patients highly recognise.


At Physiowell, they specialise in utilising proven and effective physiotherapeutic techniques within a comfortable and safe environment. If you’re searching for one of the best physiotherapy centres near you, Physiowell is the right choice. The dedicated physiotherapists are committed to providing tailored assistance based on your needs. The medical team consists of knowledgeable and experienced clinicians who excel in delivering a wide range of bone and joint rehabilitation services. They prioritise your well-being by employing modern technology and providing high-quality services, all aimed at helping you achieve your wellness goals.

7. Blue Tree Clinics

Blue Tree Clinics
Clinic Name Blue Tree Clinics
Timing 08:00 am - 07:00 pm
Contact 04 348 8262
Address Villa 119 - Al Thanya St - Umm Suqeim - Umm Suqeim 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Website bluetreeclinics.com/

If you are facing any pain, stiffness or limited movement which is creating hindrance in your daily life activities then it’s apparent that you need the best physiotherapist in Dubai. At blue tree clinic, you’ll get the full range of motion again if you have had any injury or illness. That’s why it’s one of the finest choices Dubai offers you.

Blue Tree Clinics was founded in 2004 by Canadian Chiropractor Dr Ahmed Fares, and it is formerly known as Chiropractic Health and Physiotherapy Clinic, which has emerged as a leading provider of chiropractic and physiotherapy services in Dubai’s healthcare market. Over the past 14 years, they have consistently delivered top-quality healthcare to the growing community of Dubai, earning the trust of numerous local and expatriate families.


Our most common services include:

  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Rehabilitation in Dubai
  • Post- Surgery Physiotherapy
  • Shockwave
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Tmj Treatment
  • Bell’s Palcy Treatment by European Physiotherapists
  • Dry Needling / Dry Cupping


At BTC Physiotherapy Clinic, the skilled professionals adopt a comprehensive approach to physical therapy. They view the body as a unified entity and prioritise overall health and well-being.


Considering your lifestyle, occupation, and hobbies, they personalise a treatment plan that suits your specific requirements. By employing gentle, non-invasive techniques, they effectively address various musculoskeletal conditions and assist in their management.


Blue Tree Clinics boasts state-of-the-art healthcare technology, providing access to the most advanced methods and equipment. The facility offers cutting-edge services, including healthcare imaging, electrotherapy, shockwave therapy, ultrasound, and traction.

Moreover, their recent expansion into dermatology brings an added advantage as our board-certified specialists deliver top-notch care, offering the latest mole mapping and skin treatment advancements. With their comprehensive healthcare approach, they ensure efficient and effective healing provided by our team of highly skilled experts.


Call us today to clear all your queries, as they offer the cheapest individual plans to treat your impairments.

8. Health Serve Home Healthcare

Health Serve Home Healthcare
Clinic Name Health Serve Home Healthcare
Timing 8:30 am–6:30 pm
Contact 04 357 7657
Address Sultan Business Centre - Oud Metha - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Website healthservehhc.co

Health Serve is situated in the vibrant city of Dubai, a licensed provider of home healthcare services approved by the DuDr Health Authority (DHA). Driven by a team of dedicated clinical and health management professionals, Health Serve was established with a deep passion for addressing the need for accessible clinical support services. The aim is to bridge the gap between speciality physicians and their patients by delivering healthcare services directly to their doorsteps, ensuring convenience and personalised care.


The team to assist its patients is available 24/7 of highly qualified doctors, skilled nurses, physiotherapists and a couple of professionals. Every team member is well trained to implement westeWesternnical skills and Eastern hospitality to provide quality services at home and improve their lifestyle.


Healthserve offers several benefits, including home services in Dubai. Don’t let your aches and injuries hinder your daily life activities. They offer safe, effective and personalised treatment to all their patients through highly trained physiotherapists for a faster recovery and regaining strength.


Healthserve aims to deliver exceptional home physiotherapy services in Dubai, catering to various health issues. Physiotherapy encompasses different branches that address diverse conditions such as knee pain, Parkinson’s Disease, post-operative rehabilitation, and pre-and post-pregnancy care. To ensure the highest standard of care, Healthserve provides access to a team of DHA Licensed physiotherapists in Dubai who specialise in different areas of physical therapy. Clients can choose from a selection of highly qualified professionals with expertise in their respective fields. At Healthserve, clients can benefit from a comprehensive range of physical therapies tailored to their specific needs.


Health Serve tries its best to provide the best services to its patients. Health Serve assists you on your journey to health, supporting you every step of the way, always addressing your changing needs, and evaluating your progress. No matter your age, condition, or goals, Health Serve is here to help you find care that will work for you.

9. Neuropedia Children’s Neuroscience Center

Neuropedia Children’s Neuroscience Center
Clinic Name Neuropedia Children’s Neuroscience Center
Timing 08:30 am - 07:30 pm
Contact 04 343 1113
Address 136 Jumeirah St - Jumeirah - Jumeirah 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Website neuropedia.ae

Every parent is concern about their child’s health and they try their best to recover child’s health as soon as possible. If your child’s mobility is not proper or had any injury then Neuropedia is the best choice as they provide unique therapy led by European-trained therapists ensuring to regain the child’s mobility quickly.

Neuropedia uses advanced techniques and its staff is cooperative and professional providing a safe and child-friendly environment. One of the best things they offer is that they always involve the parents of the children in the decision-making process which successfully helps in the active participation of the child.


Neuropedia, a neuroscience centre located in Dubai, specializes in providing comprehensive care for infants, children, and young individuals who are affected by a broad range of acute and chronic neurological, developmental, behavioural, and psychological disorders. The centre brings together a team of pediatric neurologists, child psychiatrists, and allied health professionals who have received training in esteemed institutions in the UK, Europe, and the USA.


At Neuropedia Dubai, they firmly believe in a multi-disciplinary approach, collaborating closely to address the unique needs of each child and their family. Their services cover the management of children from birth up to 16 years of age, with some special circumstances allowing them to extend care up to 18 years of age. With a focus on holistic care, the centre ensures that children and families receive a comprehensive approach that encompasses initial diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and long-term follow-up care, all conveniently provided under one roof.


Most of the common problems we come across in our centre are:

  • Muscle tone and Spasticity management
  • Gross Motor skills development
  • Posture and balance Management
  • Motor coordination disorders
  • Improving Physical Endurance
  • Body alignment

10. Anatomy Rehab

Anatomy Rehab
Clinic Name Anatomy Rehab
Timing 08:00 am - 08:00 pm
Contact 055 686 1886
Address Golden Mile 1 - Office M30 Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Website anatomyrehab.ae

The services of Anatomy Rehab are excellent and up to the mark, with this, their staff is friendly and attentive and examines all the injuries and pain carefully. Anatomy Rehab specialises in treating various musculoskeletal conditions, addressing joint pain and scoliosis.

Additionally, they offer physical therapy services for individuals who have experienced spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or other neurological disorders. The clinic employs a physical rehabilitation specialist, 10 licensed physiotherapists, and an occupational therapist to ensure comprehensive care. State-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including more than 10 private therapy rooms and a well-equipped gymnasium, enable patients to receive top-quality treatment.

Anatomy Rehab is a unique blend of clinical excellence and overall well-being, where a team of extensively trained professionals work together to improve your health and help you achieve your highest potential. By incorporating the latest advancements in medical science, they’ve adopted a holistic approach to well-being, delivered by exceptional healthcare experts with a track record of success and a wide range of skills.

Their primary objective is to alleviate symptoms and identify and address the underlying causes of your condition. They believe in providing long-term solutions for sustained improvement and overall wellness.


Some of their expertise in these areas:

  • Sports Injuries (16%)
  • Rehabilitation (13%)
  • General Physiotherapy (12%)
  • Knee Pain (11%)
  • Lower Back Pain (7%)
  • Others (41%)

How Physiotherapists can help you?

How Physiotherapy can help you

Physiotherapists offer a wide range of valuable assistance to individuals. They are experts in injury rehabilitation, utilizing personalized treatment plans to restore strength, flexibility, and mobility while alleviating pain. With their expertise in pain management, they employ various techniques such as manual therapy, exercises, and modalities to effectively address acute and chronic pain. Physiotherapists are also skilled in preventing sports injuries, optimizing athletic performance, and facilitating efficient recovery.

In the realm of post-surgical rehabilitation, they play a pivotal role in promoting safe healing and restoring functionality. Moreover, physiotherapists contribute significantly to managing chronic diseases by creating customized exercise programs tailored to specific conditions.


Visiting a physiotherapist in Dubai offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking relief from pain, injuries, or rehabilitation. Firstly, physiotherapists provide personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs, ensuring effective and targeted care. They employ a range of techniques, including manual therapy, exercises, and specialized equipment, to improve mobility, strength, and overall physical well-being.

Physiotherapy can effectively treat various conditions, such as musculoskeletal disorders, sports injuries, and post-operative rehabilitation. By addressing the root cause of the problem, physiotherapists help prevent future injuries and promote long-term recovery. Moreover, seeking physiotherapy in Dubai ensures access to experienced professionals who prioritize patient care and offer advanced treatment options.


A skilled physiotherapist in Dubai can assess your condition, provide a diagnosis, and develop a personalized treatment plan to address your specific needs. They use various techniques such as manual therapy, exercises, and modalities to relieve pain, restore function, and promote healing.
The number of physiotherapy sessions required depends on the nature and severity of your condition. A qualified physiotherapist will evaluate your progress and adjust the treatment plan accordingly. Generally, several sessions are needed to achieve optimal results, but this can vary for each individual.
What is physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is generally not intended to be painful. However, certain therapeutic techniques or exercises may cause some temporary discomfort. A skilled physiotherapist will ensure your comfort and communicate with you to find the right balance between therapeutic benefit and any discomfort you may experience.
Who is Physiotherapist?
The timeline for seeing results from physiotherapy varies depending on the condition being treated, its severity, and individual factors. Some patients experience relief and improvement after a few sessions, while others may require more time. Consistency with attending sessions and following the prescribed home exercises can accelerate the recovery process.
In Dubai, you generally do not need a referral from a doctor to see a physiotherapist. You can directly seek the services of a qualified physiotherapist. However, in some cases, such as insurance coverage or if your condition requires collaboration between healthcare professionals, a referral from a doctor may be necessary.
When choosing a physiotherapist in Dubai, consider factors such as their qualifications, experience, expertise in treating your specific condition, and their reputation. You can research online, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends, family, or healthcare professionals to help you make an informed decision.

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