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If you are searching for the best dentist in Dubai, United Arab Emirates or a dentist who can understand your problem, then search out the top-rated dentists who are affordable and provides the best dentistry services in Dubai. Pick a Dentist in Dubai for your problem is difficult in Dubai to maintain oral health. Dentists from all over the world come to Dubai for practice and give a competitive advantage to become the best dentist in Dubai.
What is a dentist in Dubai? What do they do?
fillings, bridges, implants, scaling and polishing, teeth whitening, veneers, braces, wisdom tooth extraction, bridges, Hollywood Smile, or general and cosmetic dentistry in Dubai, you will get all kinds of services from the below-listed dentists in Dubai.

Toothaches are the worst and cause so much discomfort and affect daily activities. one of these Toothaches is the filling , so many people ask How much does a filing  cost  in Dubai ? Does it Hurt ?
You must need the best dentist in Dubai who can return your pearly whites to optimal health to decrease your pain. Through this article, we have listed some of the best dentists who can remove your toothache. The right dentist is the one who treats your problem calmly and with focus.
We have enlisted some of the dentists along with their availability and specialization so you can get the idea of which suits best to your problem. Let’s have a look at our Top 10 best dentists in Dubai.

Top 10 Best Dentists in Dubai

Clinic Their Best Advantage Overall Rating
1. Lavish Medical Clinic 24x7 availability of doctors 10/10
2. German Dental Oasis Expert professional and best reviews. 9.9/10
3. British Dental Clinic Professional doctors and a quick appointment. 9.8/10
4. La Perla Dental Clinic Well known for dental treatment in Dubai & India. 9.7/10
5. Dubai Sky Clinic Luxury treatment with 15 world class doctors. 9.6/10
6. GMCClinics Largest number of doctors in Dubai. 9.5/10
7. Cosmo Health Medical Center Affordable cost and friendly doctors. 9.4/10
8. Pearl Dental Clinic First choice of all celebrities and influencers. 9.3/10
9. Magic Style Dental Clinic High-quality services at an affordable cost. 9.2/10
10. Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic Premium services with high tech procedures. 9.1/10

1. Lavish Clinic - The Best Dentist

Lavish Clinic
Expertise Dental, Skin, Cosmetic treatments
Website lavishclinic.ae
Address Ruby II Building - 102 - Umm Al Sheif - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Contact Details [email protected]
Phone 0 4 547 7131

A captivating smile plays a vital role in making a positive first impression. If your teeth have been affected by decay, injuries, or misalignment, you may feel discouraged about achieving a beautiful smile. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a wide range of solutions to tackle various dental problems.

Lavish Medical Center LLC is dedicated to providing top-notch root canal treatments to effectively address even the most complex dental issues, all at a reasonable price. The dentist is highly qualified, extensively experienced, and possesses exceptional skills in performing both standard and intricate root canal procedures.

With the assistance of Dr Nahal, a fully qualified specialist, you can turn your dream smile into a reality. In cases where multiple teeth are broken, worn, or missing, a comprehensive full mouth reconstruction may be necessary. This comprehensive approach typically involves restoring each tooth using a combination of veneers, crowns, inlays, onlays, and dental implants.

At Lavish Medical Center, we prioritize personalized care, and during the consultation session, we will thoroughly discuss and tailor the treatment plan to achieve your desired outcomes.

You may be dealing with a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder in that case. This condition can cause discomfort and hinder daily activities such as chewing and speaking. Our team is proficient in diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders, relieving associated pain and improving overall oral function. In this condition, you experience pain in or around your ears, jaw, or neck, hear clicking or popping noises when opening or closing your mouth, or encounter difficulties in fully opening your mouth.

While most families seek dental care from general or family dentists, some require additional or specialized attention. Their Pediatric dentists possess unique qualifications to provide gentle care and education to young children and treat children with specific needs or impairments. Discover the distinctions between pediatric and general dentistry and explore the advantages of entrusting your child’s dental care to a pediatric dentist.
Lavish Medical Center is committed to delivering exceptional dental care across various specialities, ensuring our patients receive high-quality treatment and achieve their desired oral health outcomes

Pros Cons
Their expertise are flawless, and they can treat all toothaches. The appointment is hard to take.
The environment of their clinic is peaceful and hygienic.

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2. German Dental Oasis

Expertise General Dentistry and Orthodontics
Website germandentaloasis.ae
Address Dubai Healthcare City Al Razi Building No. 64 Block C, 2nd Floor, Room 2017 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Contact Details [email protected]
Phone 0 4 423 8093

German Dental Oasis is one of the oldest clinics which believes to bring out the best in dental services and they have the pool of professional dentists who are available to treat the patients with all their dental services. Of all those dentists, Dr Aiman Obeid is a reputable name among dentists who is highly qualified and uses the latest technology in their treatment.

Dr Aiman Obeid, an experienced orthodontist at German Dental Oasis in Dubai, pursued his education in Syria and received specialized training in orthodontics in Belarus. His journey in the United Arab Emirates began in 2013 when he passed the orthodontic exam conducted by the Ministry of Health. In 2019, after successfully completing the Dubai Health Care City Authority’s exam, he relocated to Dubai to further his career.

Dr Obeid firmly believes in the importance of early orthodontic care to prevent potential dental complications. Consequently, he specializes in removable orthodontics, emphasizing the initiation of treatment during childhood. His expertise encompasses a wide range of techniques, including braces, aligners, and the use of Temporary Anchorage Devices (small implants). Additionally, he provides expert treatment for impacted teeth, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

To ensure effective communication with his clients, Dr. Obeid is proficient in both Arabic and English, facilitating clear and comprehensive discussions about treatment options and expectations. His commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in orthodontic care allows him to provide exceptional services and guide patients towards achieving their desired dental outcomes.

Pros Cons
Doctors have a lot of experience with treatments for impacted teeth. Their Doctors speak and understand Arabic and English.
The services are expensive without insurance.

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3. British Dental Clinic

Expertise Collaborative treatment for complex dental cases
Website britishdentalclinic.com
Address Villa 16/1194, Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai – UAE
Location Map
Contact Details [email protected]
Phone 0 4 519 3700

British Dental Clinic is dedicated to being your reliable companion throughout every step of your journey, from the initial consultation to the procedure itself. The centre provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, where advanced cosmetic and family dentistry services are delivered with excellence. Take the first step today and schedule an appointment to experience the outstanding care and exceptional services offered at British Dental Clinic.

The esteemed team at the British Dental Clinic in Dubai consists of Dr Walter Goriwoda and Dr Omar Aldaoudi, who excel in handling challenging dental implant and rehabilitation cases. Dr Goriwoda, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, possesses expertise in various oral and dental surgical procedures. His repertoire includes the extraction and exposure of impacted teeth, as well as the removal of both soft and hard mouth tumors.

Dr Aldaoudi, a specialist prosthodontist, focuses on dental rehabilitation for complex cases. He skillfully performs full mouth rehabilitation using implants and employs bone augmentation techniques as necessary to facilitate optimal prosthetics.

Working in tandem, Dr Goriwoda and Dr Aldaoudi provide their patients with evidence-based diagnoses and treatment plans to minimize the time spent in the dental chair. Their collaborative approach ensures comprehensive and efficient care.

With proficiency in English, Arabic, German, and French, the duo is equipped to communicate effectively with a diverse range of patients. This multilingual capability allows them to cater to a wide clientele and provide personalized dental solutions.

Pros Cons
They provide extensive experience in complex dental implant and dental rehabilitation cases. Their Services are a bit costly.
They prefer the less time-consuming treatments. They aren’t available at the same time daily.

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4. La Perla Dental Clinic

Expertise Oral Surgery and Implantology
Website laperladental.com
Address Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT Cluster V , JBC 2 Tower - Unit No. 904 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Contact Details [email protected]
Phone 0 4 432 1732

La Perla Dental Clinic’s highly qualified dentist believes to provide the comfort and care along with the treatment. They aim to bring brighter smiles to your face and pain-free life. They have the solution and they deliver the exact value they have promised which makes them standout among competitors.

With nearly three decades of experience, Dr Zoubi Jamal has established himself as a highly accomplished implantology and cosmetic dentist. His expertise extends to implant surgery and various aspects of cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Jamal’s wealth of experience stems from running his own dental polyclinic in Italy, where he gained valuable practical knowledge and honed his skills. Additionally, he remains actively engaged in the field by regularly participating in implant surgery and bone regeneration conferences. By staying abreast of the latest discoveries in dentistry, he ensures that his patients receive the most advanced and innovative treatments available.

Dr Jamal’s commitment to staying up to date with the latest advancements in dentistry is further demonstrated by his regular attendance at local and major international dental conferences. This dedication enables him to provide his clients with cutting-edge options for their dental concerns, placing him among the top dentists in Dubai.

Choosing Dr Jamal as your dentist guarantees access to the latest dental advancements and ensures you receive top-quality care tailored to your needs.

Pros Cons
Stay updated with the latest technologies and discoveries in dentistry. They aren’t available on the same time daily.
Their services are affordable.

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5. Dubai Sky Clinic

Expertise Laser dentistry and emergency dental procedures
Website dubaiskyclinic.com
Address Unit #2109, Level 21 , Burjuman Business Tower, Burjuman – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Contact Details [email protected]
Phone 0 4 355 8808

Dubai Sky Clinic provides the exceptional dental care services in Dubai since years and the highly recognized and certified dentists are giving advanced treatments. The clinic is working on its technology and trying its best to provide convenience to its customers, and the staff is friendly. From diagnosis to treatment, they take all your problems in hand.

Dr Yasmin Omran has been an esteemed member of Dubai Sky Clinic’s dental team since 2013, bringing her a wealth of knowledge and a global perspective on dentistry. While she is well-versed in periodontology and cosmetic dentistry, her passion lies in the field of laser dentistry, specifically using laser technology for treating mouth sores.

Dr Omran’s educational journey has taken her to various parts of the world. She obtained her dental medicine and surgery degree from Alexandria University in Egypt in 2005. To further expand her expertise, she pursued a Master’s degree in Lasers in Germany and a European Master’s degree in Oral Lasers Applications, which she earned through specialized training in Germany, Belgium, and France.

Renowned as one of Dubai’s top dentists, Dr Omran is committed to providing exceptional dental care at competitive rates. Her services are available daily at Dubai Sky Clinic, and she can also perform emergency dental procedures to promptly address her clients’ urgent dental needs.


Pros Cons
Their rates are competitive. The location of their clinic is hard to find, but in our web you can find it .
They also take emergency dental procedures and operations.
Their doctors have impressive professional records and training from various countries in their field.

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6. GMCClinics

Expertise Wide range of services; laser technology
Website gmcclinics.com
Address 1st Floor, Magrudy’s Centre, Jumeirah St, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Contact Details [email protected]
Phone 0 4 349 4880

Everyone should visit their family dentist at least twice a year which requires professional cleaning of your teeth. GMCClinics aim to make its patients look more confident and attractive by using advanced techniques for dental treatments. They provide the full treatment plan and a solution to relieve the pain for a lifetime.

Dr Ahmed Amer, a highly regarded family dentist, has established himself as one of the foremost dental professionals in Dubai since his relocation from Canada in 2000. With a solid foundation in dentistry training spanning over 12 years in North America, Dr Amer’s commitment to learning and growth remains unwavering.

Despite amassing over 30 years of experience, Dr Amer actively keeps pace with the dynamic field of dentistry through continuous research and participation in educational courses worldwide. This dedication allows him to integrate the latest advancements into his practice, ensuring that his Jumeirah dental clinic has cutting-edge technology to provide his patients with the highest level of care.

We understand that many individuals know that they need dental treatment but may be uncertain about the best options. While Dr Amer offers a comprehensive range of dental services, he emphasises the utilization of laser technology in dentistry. This innovative approach enables him to deliver efficient and precise treatments while optimizing patient comfort and recovery.

Dr Amer’s commitment to ongoing education and investment in state-of-the-art equipment positions him as a trusted and sought-after dentist in Dubai, dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to his valued patients.

Pros Cons
They provide a wide range of dental services. The appointment is difficult to take.
They use the latest equipment in his clinic.

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