Top 10 Best Dermatologist in Dubai

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Everyone wants clear and glowing skin, which is hard to attain only with skincare routines. You can get the best dermatologist in Dubai if you have scars or suffer from any skin disease.

This article will help you to find the best dermatologist for your skin care needs, and we have made this search convenient for you to Know What is a Dermatologist In Dubai? What do they do?
 to chose  the best suitable dermatologist for you. We have compiled all their fee structures, specializations and availability in one table, which you will find below.

If you are looking for someone who can understand your language and problem in Dubai, Find the most Suitable Dermatologist In Dubai. Dubai’s harsh and hot weather conditions can’t give you glowing skin, and most dermatologists come from other countries and are chasing out to be the best dermatologist in Dubai. In Dubai, a dermatologist is educated enough and knows what urban life does to the skin of people and how growing pollution makes your skin dull and dry. It’s a myth that people see a person’s inner beauty because most people with skin disease know it’s just a myth.

You can get hair and skin care and Remove Age Spots services at affordable rates in Dubai, and according to the customer’s reviews and recommendations, we have mentioned a few of the best dermatologists in Dubai for all kinds of patients and of all ages.

Top 10 Best Dermatologist in Dubai

Clinic Their Best Advantage Overall Rating
1. Lavish Medical Clinic 24x7 availability of doctors 10/10
2. Al Das Medical Clinic Expert professional and best reviews. 9.9/10
3. MediClinic Professional doctors and a quick appointment. 9.8/10
4. Gaga Medical and Aesthetic Center Well known for dental treatment in Dubai & India. 9.7/10
5. Seagull Aesthetic Clinic Jumeirah Luxury treatment with 15 world class doctors. 9.6/10
6. Snö Bodyworx Medical Center LLC Largest number of doctors in Dubai. 9.5/10
7. KindCare Healthcare Provider Affordable cost and friendly doctors. 9.4/10
8. Lucia Aesthetic & Dermatology Clini First choice of all celebrities and influencers. 9.3/10
9. Dubai London Clinic High-quality services at an affordable cost. 9.2/10
10. Dr. Suad Lutfi Dermatology & Laser Clinic Premium services with high tech procedures. 9.1/10

1. Lavish Clinic - Best Dermatologist

Lavish Clinic
Best For cosmetic procedures for skin, hair, and body
Website lavishclinic.ae
Address Ruby II Building - 102 - Umm Al Sheif - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Contact Details [email protected]
Phone 0 4 547 7131

Lavish Medical Center understands the significant impact that hair loss and dull skin can have on an individual’s confidence, regardless of age or gender. They recognize the emotional distress and social discomfort associated and are here to provide positive solutions.

The team of dermatologists at Lavish Medical Center takes a personalized approach to hair loss treatment. They tailor their treatment plans to address the specific type of hair loss and dull skin that each patient is experiencing. The goal is to offer safe and effective professional hair treatment services as we genuinely comprehend the devastating effects of hair loss on individuals.

Lavish Medical Center is proud to offer advanced skin treatment options, including Treatment  Dark Circles under the eyes. It also offers the most popular treatment, the micro-needling technique, which is a highly effective skin rejuvenation procedure that can be customized to meet your skin care needs.

Furthermore, Lavish Medical Center can transform your skin in ways that topical products alone cannot achieve. LED therapy has become a fascination in the realm of skincare. This advanced technology allows for customized treatments that elevate skincare regimens to a whole new level.

Lavish Medical Center is committed to providing exceptional care and delivering results that restore confidence and well-being. We strive to stay at the forefront of advancements in the field to offer our patients the best possible treatments and outcomes

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2. Al Das Medical Clinic

Best For Own line of skincare products
Website aldasclinic.com
Address Shoreline Bld #10, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Phone 0 4 452 9998

Al Das Medical Clinic facilitates their patient with best dermatological treatments. The doctors of the clinic don’t start with the medicine, but their way to tackle your skin problem is advice. They give preventive advice on how to behave in the sun or how to prevent yourself from dust. Their staff is friendly, and the ambience is quite impressive. One of the famous dermatologists, Dr Mahaveer Mehta is recognized for his expertise.

Dr Mahaveer Mehta, a highly experienced dermatologist based in Dubai, has dedicated over three decades to the practice of dermatology. His medical clinic provides comprehensive treatments for various skin issues, including  skin cancer, fungal infections, skin tags, warts, and acne, which afflicts most of us .. Therefore, we advise you to read this article 
Should i See a Dermatologist For Acne?

Dr Mahaveer Mehta obtained his medical degree from RNT Medical College Udaipur. He completed his dermatology training at KM School of Postgraduate Medicine and Research and NHL Medical College in Ahmedabad.

Throughout his career, Dr Mahaveer Mehta has actively participated in dermatology conferences across the Gulf region, constantly expanding his knowledge and staying updated with the latest advancements in the field. He has also held significant positions, such as Chairman of the Qatar Armed Forces Medical Unit and Dermatology Consultant at the International Hospital in Bahrain.

Dr Mahaveer Mehta is widely recognized as one of the pioneers in Laser skin surgery in the Gulf and Middle East, showcasing his expertise and innovative approach. Patients greatly appreciate the calming atmosphere of his clinic, the presence of a skilled and diverse team of professionals, and the overall positive experience they receive under his care.

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3. MediClinic

Best For Aesthetic Dermatology, Laser treatments, and addressing skin, hair, and nail disorders
Website mediclinic.ae
Address The Meadows Souk / The Springs
Location Map
Contact Details [email protected]
Phone 800 1 999

MediClinic is the best clinic among all other clinics, and 1000+ doctors are enrolled on their panel serving in the wide range of specialities and facilitating different services. Here you can get an appointment with the doctor of your choice anytime you want. It’s one of the best options if you are looking for a dermatologist near you. Dr Manish Pahwa is one of the best dermatologists in Dubai who is available at MediClinic, and you can easily take his appointment.

Dr Manish Pahwa, an esteemed dermatologist from New Delhi, has been practising in Dubai for 10 years. His exceptional expertise and skills have garnered numerous accolades and recognitions from India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. MediClinic is proud to have him as our Specialist Dermatologist, bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience to our clinic.

Dr Manish Pahwa is a highly skilled dermatologist with extensive proficiency in evaluating and treating various skin conditions. He is also well-versed in performing dermatological procedures and skin surgeries.

Fluently bilingual, Dr Manish Pahwa can effectively communicate with patients in English, Tamil, Hindi, and Punjabi, ensuring clear and comfortable consultations. He holds prestigious credentials, including a Dermatology Certificate from the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK, a Diploma from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow, and a Post Graduate degree from the Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh, India.

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4. Gaga Medical and Aesthetic Center

Best For Botox, Fillers, PRP, Threads, different types of peeling, and LASER applications
Website gagaclinic.com
Address Dubai Jumeirah Road - 491a Al Safeena Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Phone 0 4 341 7111

Gaga Medical & Aesthetic Center is a stunning and distinctive clinic specializing in complete face, body, and skincare, conveniently located in the heart of Dubai. The clinic is dedicated to providing cutting-edge beauty solutions that help you achieve the desired look. They focus on safety and excellence and offer a wide range of aesthetic services and procedures, utilizing only the highest quality and clinically tested products. Since 2015, they have proudly established themselves as a market leader, delivering exceptional customer service and exceeding expectations.

Dr Mohamed AbouHadeed, a highly skilled dermatologist, obtained his Master’s and Doctorate degrees from the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University. With his expertise in the field, he specializes in various procedures, including Botox, Fillers, PRP, Threads, different types of peeling, LASER applications, and the treatment of skin illnesses. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his practice as a consultant in medical dermatology, non-surgical cosmetology, and LASER.

Originally from Egypt, Dr Mohamed AbouHadeed received his education and initiated his career there, amassing fifteen years of experience in the industry. He has developed a particular proficiency in Mesotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Injections for hair and skin rejuvenation. He provides several dermatological treatments like OBAGI 3 Step Rejuvenation Peel, Body Peel for Hyperpigmentation in Dubai, Cosmelan Peel, Dermamelan Peel + Home care Products Resurfacing Mela 3 Peel in Dubai.

One of Dr Mohamed AbouHadeed’s patients, Fatima Hussain Said, expressed her satisfaction, stating that he is a renowned dermatologist and her overall experience was fantastic. She commended the professionalism and courtesy of the entire team, emphasizing the exceptional service quality. Fatima had laser hair removal performed by Dr AbouHadeed, and she expressed her delight with the remarkable results and her overall satisfaction with the outcome.

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5. Seagull Aesthetic Clinic Jumeirah

Best For Face lifts, breast augmentation surgeries, liposuction, fat transfer, fillers, and various other surgeries and services.
Website simplyskin.ae
Address Seagull aesthetic clinic jumeirah al ghazal mall, mezzanine floor, shop no: 21-22 al wasl road, corner of - شارع الثاني من ديسمبر‎ - dubai - united arab emirates
Location Map
Contact Details [email protected]
Phone 0 4 345 6080

Seagull Aesthetic Clinic offers top-quality dermatological treatments, providing patients with excellent care. Instead of immediately resorting to medication, the clinic’s approach to addressing skin issues begins with advice. Their knowledgeable doctors offer preventive guidance on topics such as sun protection and dust prevention. The staff members are friendly, and the clinic boasts an impressive ambience. Dr Adham Mansour is a well-known doctor who treats the patient carefully.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr Adham Mansour is a highly skilled Specialist Plastic Surgeon and Dermatologist. He completed his Master’s in Plastic Surgery with a specialization in Scalp Surgery and Hair Transplant from Aleppo University in 1983. Dr Mansour is a proud member of esteemed organizations such as IPRAS (International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery), ESLAS, ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), the Supreme Council of Jurisdiction of Plastic Surgery, and many others.

Dr Adham Mansour offers a comprehensive range of dermatological and plastic surgery services. His expertise includes performing procedures such as Face Lifts, Breast Augmentation Surgeries, Liposuction, Fat Transfer, Tummy Tuck, Anti-Wrinkle Treatments, Fillers, and various other surgeries and services.

Many individuals who have visited Dubai for a year have witnessed the positive improvements achieved through Dr Mansour’s Hydra facial treatment and Down’s Laser Therapy. Patients have described him as pleasant, courteous, and knowledgeable in his field. The clinic’s receptionist is accommodating, and the facility is maintained impeccably, catering to people of all age groups.

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6. Snö Bodyworx Medical Center LLC

Best For Laser Treatments
Website bodyworx.ae
Address Villas 2 & 4, Al Nahyan Compound, Opposite Delma Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Location Map
Contact Details [email protected]
Phone 0 2 641 9961

Snö Bodyworx Medical Center is a unique and exclusive medical facility that specializes in dermatology, plastic surgery, skin cancer treatments, allergy treatments, and cutting-edge aesthetic services. With a focus on German expertise, Snö Bodyworx is proud to offer a team of highly skilled consultant dermatologists and a specialist plastic surgeon. The centre is staffed with a dedicated team of both medical and non-medical professionals who have been carefully selected to ensure that all your aesthetic and medical needs are met with utmost safety and complete confidentiality.

Dr Matthias Roux, a highly experienced dermatologist, has an impressive track record of performing over 17,000 surgical and laser dermatology procedures. In addition to effectively addressing concerns such as moles, warts, and skin tags through these techniques, he also specializes in helping patients achieve youthful skin using fillers and lipo transfer.

Dr Roux has made significant contributions to the dermatology field through his laser technology expertise. He has played a pivotal role in developing innovative laser systems now widely utilized by dermatologists worldwide, highlighting his commitment to advancing the field.

To cater to a range of dermatological conditions, Dr Roux has further extended his expertise by creating skincare products specifically designed for acne, hyperpigmentation, skin cancer prevention, and more. This demonstrates his dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for his patients’ diverse needs.

Dr Roux is a German board-certified dermatologist and holds membership in several prestigious dermatological societies in Germany, including the German Society of Dermatology and the Berlin Dermatological Society. These affiliations attest to his commitment to professional excellence and continuous learning in his field.

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7. KindCare Healthcare Provider

Best For Cosmetology and Surgical Dermatology
Website kindcare.ae
Address Villa 794, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai U.A.E.
Location Map
Contact Details [email protected]
Phone 0 4 338 8588

At KindCare Medical Center, Dr Kristina Yevdoshenko, a dermatologist and venereologist, offers a wide range of procedures and services. She specializes in treating various skin conditions, cosmetology, and surgical dermatology. However, her expertise in laser procedures is particularly renowned.

Dr Yevdoshenko is highly skilled in utilizing laser technology to address scars, stretch marks, and spider veins. She effectively diminishes the appearance of these concerns through laser treatments and helps patients achieve smoother, more even-toned skin.

Additionally, she employs lasers for skin rejuvenation, aiding patients in regaining a more youthful complexion. In addition to her laser expertise, Dr Yevdoshenko is also sought for her proficiency in treating dermatitis. She has developed and patented two treatment procedures designed to address this common skin condition effectively.

Patients can confidently rely on Dr Kristina Yevdoshenko for her comprehensive range of dermatological services and her dedication to utilizing innovative approaches for optimal results.

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