When Should I Start Actively Searching for A Criminal Lawyer After Facing Charges in Dubai?

If you are in a foreign country like Dubai, where the laws and legal procedures may be unfamiliar to you, facing a criminal suspect is a much more difficult scenario to handle. If you have been charged with a crime in Dubai, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is when to start actively searching for a criminal lawyer Dubai. This decision can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case, so it’s crucial to approach it with care and consideration.

When Should I Start Actively Searching for A Criminal Lawyer?

1.The severity of the Charges

The severity of the charges you face is a significant factor in determining when to start actively searching for a criminal lawyer. If the charges involve serious crimes such as felonies or violent crimes, it is vital to begin the search immediately. These types of cases often involve significant legal consequences and may require specialized legal counsel.

2.Possible Consequences Impact

The consequences of criminal charges depend on the offense and your circumstances. Some charges may result in jail time, fines, the loss of certain rights, or even a criminal record. In order to determine when to begin actively seeking a criminal lawyer, you must understand how the charges could affect your life.

3.Complexity of Your Case

The complexity of your case can also impact when you should start actively searching for a criminal lawyer. Legal questions involving multiple defendants, complex evidence, or intricate legal aspects may require the assistance of a dedicated criminal defense lawyer. In such cases, starting the search early helps confirm that your lawyer has sufficient time to review your case and develop an effective defense strategy.


The urgency of your situation can also play a significant role in determining when to start actively searching for a criminal lawyer. Some charges, such as those related to time-sensitive offenses, may require immediate action to protect your legal rights and prevent any further complications. In such cases, it is valuable to begin the search ASAP!


The time limit for filing a civil case is around 15 years in Article 473 of the Civil Code, and it depends on the nature of the claim. However, specific statutes might prescribe shorter timelines for different types of cases. For example, disputes related to cheques often fall under the 3-year limitation period defined in the Commercial Code in Article 638.

The possibility of withdrawing a criminal case depends on the stage of the proceedings and the nature of the offense in the UAE. The complaints may arise from private offenses, such as assaults and defamations. The complainant can withdraw them at any stage before the judgment is handed down. The case is dismissed as a result of assault withdrawal.

While you have the right to remain silent and request a lawyer during interrogation, it's best not to rely solely on court-appointed representation. Having your own lawyer from the outset confirms you receive personalized advice & defense strategies, and continuous support throughout the interrogation process.

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