Who is a Personal Trainer in Dubai?

A large component of Dubai culture is the healthy living life that has roughly 1000 healthy clubs, fitness centers and training facilities. Within 2 years, the number is expected to increase by approximately 1500. Personal trainers are a part of every person in Dubai to maintain their healthy lifestyle. They provide guidance and instructions for everyone to achieve their goal. In the blog, we will provide the details related to personal trainers Dubai.

Who is a Personal Trainer?

A professional trainer is your fitness technical provider who guides you to achieve your goal or is available for a celebrity to maintain their fitness. They are professionals who can customize your workout nutritional plans and provide you 24/7 support system to fulfill your queries. If you are a peak performer like a sportsman or you are a beginner navigating the gym first time, a personal trainer unlocks your hidden potential and leads you towards a healthier life.

What Does a Personal Trainer Do?

The responsibilities of a personal trainer extend far beyond simply counting reps. They become your fitness partner, working alongside you to achieve your fitness level goals and make a customized roadmap for success.

  • The personal trainers check your medical history, lifestyle, and fitness goals to personalize your training plan. So, you must take an initial consultation to take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.
  • Based on your requirements and preferences, the personal trainers will craft a dynamic workout routine incorporating strength training, cardio, flexibility exercises, and functional movements. They can work for you in a customization way.
  • Personal trainers will technically guide you on proper activities and confirm you execute exercises safely and effectively to avoid injury.
  • Personal trainers will be your cheerleader and accountability partner, which keep you motivated and on track, celebrating your victories. They also help you to overcome your challenges throughout your journey.
  • Personal trainers may offer nutritional advice, which recommends healthy eating habits and optimizing your diet to complement your training plan.
  • Personal trainer will monitor your progress, adjust your fitness program as needed, and celebrate your achievements as you reach milestones of your fitness journey.


The average salary of a personal trainer is around AED 37,000 per month in Dubai. If you are a personal trainer, your salary may increase over a period – which depends on the qualification, experience, specialization, and clientele.

Amir Siddique is one of the most expensive trainers in Dubai. They come with a rate of Dh750 per session or Dh9,000 a month for thrice-a-week training. All the client says is that every Dirham is worthy. However, a lot of celebrity personal trainer are famous for their exorbitant fee. The exact figure of a celebrity personal trainer is always confidential.

Here are the steps to follow to become a personal trainer in the UAE:

  • Secure an internationally recognized qualification
  • Gain practical experience before heading out to be a personal trainer in Dubai
  • Research & meet the entry requirements to work as a Dubai pt
  • Plan for your travel & accommodation when looking to be a pt in Dubai
  • Ensure you have the right legal coverage before working as a personal trainer In Dubai
  • Securing your dream role as a personal trainer in Dubai
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