How Can You Design The Perfect UI/UX for The Mobile Application?

The mobile application you are seeing or downloading every other day is made up after a lot of iteration, and thoughtful processes.

A mobile app development company in Dubai is somehow responsible for taking care of the entire process, and bringing in organic leads.

A mobile application should consist of high-end UI/UX designing, development frameworks, and other necessary attributes to bring in the best mobile application.

In this blog, we are going to list down, and learn about the ways by which you can design the perfect UI/UX for your mobile application.

Not to forget, the intuitive UI/UX of the mobile application isn’t the only attribute, but the person has to work on the backend as well.

A strong backend compiled with high-end technologies, and frameworks will make your life easier.

Whether it’s Flutter or Ionic for the backend development of the mobile application, all of these technologies are high-end and would bring in the best results for you.

Let’s get started.

But first, we will learn about some necessary statistics about mobile applications.

Some Interesting Facts About Mobile Applications

In this section, we are going to list down some interesting facts about mobile applications.

–   More than 80% of the total population uses mobile applications for their daily works.

–   More than 90% of the mobile applications on the Play Store are never downloaded.

–   Users spend time surfing through the mobile applications, and end up closing it.


–   Healthcare-related applications and gaming applications are widely used by‌ customers.

–   Many people fear ‌sharing their comments in the comments section of the mobile application however, they’re getting a good experience using those apps.

–   App developers and designers both use high-end frameworks and technologies to build the most intuitive, and captivating mobile applications.


These were a few of the most interesting facts about mobile applications. However, if you still have some queries then, stay connected.

What are the 7 unique principles of design?

 A mobile application is not created over a night, but the app designers and developers spend time creating the most alluring piece of mobile application.

There are different practices that lead to a perfect app, whereas, designing is the first step that leads to the seamless deployment of the application.

Anyhow, let’s start learning about the unique principles of design.

1. Movement Principle of Design


Movement refers to the way your eyes move from one element to another over a piece of design. Hence, elements moving from one space to another and so on.


Hence, the positioning of the element is very important, and it’s guided to the users to work on the movement principle of design. The elements will be catered according to the movement.


You can find a lot of examples of movement principle of design in the books, and would learn from their art that how one can build a perfect UI/UX for the mobile application.

2. Proportional Principle of Design


The second most important principle of design is “Proportional” principle of design, where the designer needs to understand the size of the elements being used within the screen.


Each element is correlated to another element, and therefore, it’s necessary to work on its placement.


Proportional signals the designer what’s important in the design, and what is not important. Larger elements are more important to be placed properly whereas, smaller elements are of less importance.


A mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia  is seen working on these principles and educating their people to use the best design principles for creation of the mobile apps.

3. Balance Principle of Design


You all must know the importance of balance principle of design. The three main types of balance we look for in any design; symmetrical that is balanced when objects are placed with equal weight in center or right whereas, asymmetrical balance where grouping lighter-weight objects one side of the center line to the offset of the heavy objects on another side and the list goes on.

4. Color Contrast Principle of Design


The fourth principle of design consists of color contrast principle of design where the designer should use lighter shade of colors with a darker one, or so on. Same colors should never be used because if someone use darker tones of color and lighter tones then, there are chances that the design will look cluttered.


Always study the science behind colors, and how you can place one color with another that goes with each other.

5. Repetition Principle of Design



Repetition principle of design means that the repeated use of design elements in the wireframe which you’re designing for the mobile application.


The elements include shapes like lines, circle, triangle, and others that can be repeated to create a pattern through the UI/UX screen.


6. Whitespace Principle of Design

You know, when you add extra white space within the design creates a negative space within the design.


White space in design is the same as using a silencer within the musical composition. However, proportional use of the silence will make the music worthy. Similarly, work on the design elements, and make whitespace as the core for the design of the mobile applications UI/UX.


7.   Unity Principle of Design


Lastly, we have unity principle of design that is a combination of all the principles which we have listed before within the blog.


It simply means to create a sense of coherence with harmony and the elements in the design should co-relate with each other.

Wrapping Up – Working on the UI/UX of the mobile application


The mobile app development process makes up of all the necessary points to look after the design of the mobile application.

 One should always prefer to prioritize the wireframing of the application, and the color contrast that is being used within the screen.

 Always remember your target audience are your true audience, and if you don’t give them enough importance then they won’t download the application.

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