What is the biggest real estate agency in Dubai?

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There are several major players in the real estate industry in Dubai, and the market is booming in terms of sales. If you are snooping to know which real estate agency currently holds the top spot as the biggest in Dubai, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will explore and discuss the real estate gold scape in Dubai and reveal which company is currently the largest holding. So, if you are interested in learning more about the Best Real estate in Dubai  and the biggest players in the game, let’s dive in!

Facts and Figures of the Biggest Real Estate Agency in Dubai

Market Share & Agent Network

  • Fäm Properties: Often crowned the “largest” based on sheer presence, Fäm boasts 356 agents across 11 offices. Founded in 2009, they hold a significant market share, particularly in residential sales and rentals.
  • Allsopp & Co.: Established in 1976, Allsopp boasts a legacy and strong presence across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With over 200 agents, they specialize in both residential and commercial properties.
  • Engel & Völkers: This globally renowned brand entered the Dubai market in 2010, steadily growing its agent network to over 150. They excel in high-end properties and provide a discerning clientele.

Transaction Volume & Revenue

While it is not always possible to obtain precise information on individual agency transaction volumes – But, industry reports are ready to provide insights into this area. According to Property Finder, dubizzle.com (a property portal) facilitated the highest number of transactions in 2023, followed by Bayut.com (another online portal). Agency-specific data is unavailable, but these platforms connect buyers and sellers with various agencies, which highlight their reach.

Luxury Market Specialization

  • AX Capital: Established in 2018, AX Capital has engraved a niche in the luxury market with over 190 agents specializing in high-end properties. Their multilingual team and diverse portfolio provide a global clientele.
  • Sobha Realty: Part of the renowned Sobha Group, this agency leverages its developer expertise to offer exclusive access to off-plan and completed luxury properties.

Beyond Numbers: Client Focus & Innovation

Beyond sheer size, success hinges on exceeding client expectations. Agencies like MD Real Estate and Crompton Partners are glorified for their personalized approach and focus on client satisfaction. Additionally, haus & co, a relatively new player, utilizes advanced technology and data-driven insights to modernize the buying and selling experience.

The Evolving & Advanced Landscape of Dubai

The real estate market of Dubai is dynamic, with online platforms like dubizzle and Bayut playing a growing role. While established agencies hold their ground, innovative players are evolving. Ultimately, the “biggest” agency depends on your priorities. Consider these factors:

  • Market segment (residential, commercial, luxury): Different agencies excel in specific areas.
  • Location: Agency presence and expertise vary across Dubai’s diverse neighborhoods.
  • Technology & Innovation: Some agencies embrace virtual tours and data-driven tools for a seamless experience.
  • Reputation & Client Focus: You can check for agencies that are known for transparency, communication, and client satisfaction.

Remember, the “biggest” isn’t always the best fit. Research, prioritize your requests, and connect with agencies that resonate with your goals. With the right guidance, you can navigate the exciting world of Dubai real estate and make the right decisions.


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