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One of the ancient medicinal treatments used by the Chinese people is Acupuncture. It is a practice that’s made prominent in many countries globally as time progresses. It’s today incorporated to solve several conditions in both the western and eastern medical fields. 

If you’re new at this, you may have to do some digging and figure out who peculiarly are acupuncturists. We have done this homework for you, so this guide can help you learn better about these certified acupuncture practitioners and if they can be called doctors. So, let’s find out their credentials and how they can treat you.

Who are Acupuncturists? Are they called Doctor?

Who are Acupuncturists? Are they called Doctor?

People who practice the art of acupuncture are called acupuncturists. What is acupuncture? It involves poking a few tiny needles on particular points of your body. These needles are placed beneath the skin so as to help stimulate circulation in different parts of your body. 

Whether it’s for the purpose of therapy or prevention, you can find two types of acupuncturists. There can be a licensed professional acupuncturist who uses their expertise in the field, after having studied the art of acupuncture, to aid the patients.

The second is a certified acupuncturist, and this can be referred to the doctors or dental practitioners that have gone through a competition of 100-200 hours of training programs and supervision. 

The programs and training procedures may differ in various aspects, but the certification remains the same. In both cases, whether certified or licensed acupuncturists, they can be considered a doctor.

On the one hand, certified acupuncturists are already doctors in their own right, with an additional benefit on their belt. While a licensed acupuncturist is a professional practitioner of the medical profession, having earned their name through years of experience and studying via NCCAOM.

Who Can Provide Acupuncture?

Who Can Provide Acupuncture?

You may find different types of acupuncture providers available around your area. Considering your state laws and regulations, you may discover that chiropractors are able to provide acupuncture as they specialize in the treatment of spinal corrections and dealing with other types of body ailments without the use of surgical techniques or drugs. Doctors who also practice with the help of traditional medicine only are also included.

Professional individuals of naturopathic medicine, which is a type of alternate medication that works on the basis of the human body’s nature & its healing capacity, can also provide acupuncture as well as osteopathy practitioners who work in the diagnostic and promotion department of health while employing hands-on healing techniques.

Physical therapists and assistants under the supervision of a proper doctor can also do the same.

What Treatment Does A Certified Acupuncturist Follow?

What Treatment Does A Certified Acupuncturist Follow?

Traditional acupuncture is done via the Chinese technique, and another kind is known as medicine acupuncture. Medical acupuncture, also referred to as dry-needling, is completely different from the conventional Chinese method.

Unlike the traditional one, it does not base itself on the philosophical principle of ‘chee’ or ‘qi’. It does not involve any belief in five elements. Traditional acupuncture, on the other hand, holds ties with metal, wood, earth, water & fire. 

Cost Of Acupuncture Services in Dubai

Cost Of Acupuncture Services in Dubai

In Dubai, there is no particular cost for acupuncture due to a varied range of factors. It depends on the service facility you pick, your condition and its severity, as well as the amount of sittings you need to meet up with an acupuncturist. To help you with an estimate cost, one acupuncture session with the best acupuncturists in Dubai can cost about 300 to 500 AED.


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