When to See a Gynaecologist? Why is it Important?

Why You Should Make a Gynaecological Appointment

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Most women may (or may not) be aware that it’s essential to see a gynecologist to help maintain good internal health. So, this means you can’t just visit a gynecologist whenever you feel like something may be wrong down there. 

But, it can be challenging for many to overcome the fear of visiting one as it typically deals with one’s genitalia. So, if you’re wondering what exactly happens during a visit or why you should see one, worry not. 

Today’s post will discuss various gynecological queries, such as what I can expect? Or why is it important to visit one? So, without further ado, let’s look into it. 

What to Expect During a Gynaecological Visit

What to Expect During a Gynaecological Visit

If you’ve never visited a gynecologist before, keep in mind that the first and foremost thing a physician does is conduct an external and internal exam of the reproductive organs. 

They’ll also inspect your breasts for masses or lumps. So, be honest and open with the gynecologist about painful symptoms, menstrual period, and sexual activity. This’ll go a long way in getting you the best care. 

A gynecologist may also conduct order tests like urine, blood, or ultrasound to detect any problem (if you have any). Next, they’ll likely conduct a pelvic exam. During this process, a speculum will be inserted into your vagina for better cervix and vaginal visualization. 

Therefore, it’ll be helpful to visit only the best gynecologist in Dubai so that you’re comfortable enough for treatment and daily checkup. You can do this by asking your relatives or friends to refer a gynecologist they regularly see. 

When to See Gynaecologist? Why is it Important?

When to See Gynaecologist? Why is it Important? ​

According to ACOG, those individuals assigned female when born should first visit a gynecologist around the ages 13-15. As a gynecologist is specialized in every aspect of a women’s or person (AFAB), screenings and preventive care for STIs or even cancer concerning your private area can be deemed very helpful. 

Thus, visiting a gynecologist must become a routine part of your healthcare, especially for sexually active individuals ages 13-15. ACOG recommends at least one checkup with a gynecologist a year. 

Therefore, it’s vital for every individual with female organs to visit a gynecologist to sustain and maintain good health. Since reproduction organs do mature around the time of puberty, regular evaluation should be carried out to ensure your genitalia is healthy.

Signs You Should Visit a Gynaecologist

As mentioned earlier, consuming with a gynecologist is very important, with or without any physical issues. But, if it does come down to the latter option, here are some signs you should visit a gynecologist

  • Trouble with pregnancy
  • Pelvic pain
  • Painful menstruation
  • Vaginal itching/unpleasant odor
  • Irregular vaginal discharge/bleeding
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Lumps, sores, or growth in the vaginal area
  • Sexual dysfunction

The above signs mentioned are only a few of the common ones. So, if you’re having any other difficulties concerning your genitalia, it’s best to book an appointment quickly and maintain at least one yearly appointment

But it’s equally important to visit one that’s not just well-qualified but also comfortable enough for you to open up. So, make sure to complete thorough research to find a suitable gynecologist



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