Are Hemorrhoids Dangerous? Can It Turn Into Cancer?

Are Hemorrhoids Dangerous? Can It Turn Into Cancer?

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Hemorrhoid is not as dangerous compared to cancer. It’s treatable with adequate care and a better lifestyle. In comparison, cancer is a disease that is significantly life-threatening and usually incurable.

In this case, hemorrhoid, also called piles, is a common health issue caused due to constant strain during bowel movements. It’s also caused by other factors, which we’ll discuss more on it below.

Cancer is dangerous compared to piles. It’s a complex disease comprising different types. The treatment process also varies with the symptoms.

Hemorrhoid is a relatively minor health issue compared to cancer. However, this shouldn’t stop taking timely care so that it heals fast.

Can Hemorrhoids Increase Cancer Risk?

Can Hemorrhoids Increase Cancer Risk?

An instant answer would be no! Some think it leads to rectal or colon cancer, which is not true. The symptoms might include itching, rectal bleeding, and pain similar to piles.

Let’s look into hemorrhoid and anal cancer symptoms to understand the differences and measures to take.

• Hemorrhoid symptoms

Hemorrhoids consist of two types, i.e., internal and external. Based on the types, the symptoms may vary. Signs of internal piles are mainly blood on stool and bulge tissue at the anal opening.

External hemorrhoid is common in most adults and troublesome too. Symptoms of this type include pain, itching, or swelling around the anus.


• Colon cancer symptoms

Symptoms for this cancer type aren’t detectable at early stages. Hence, it’s necessary to undergo regular colon heck to prevent the escalation of this disease. Some of the common symptoms of this cancer are as follows:

  • Rectum bleeding
  • Blood in poop
  • Pain or pressure in the stomach
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Feeling the need to visit the toilet even after the bowel movement.
  • Frequent bowel habit changes like constant constipation or diarrhea.

A few signs are closely similar when symptoms for both conditions are compared. And this leads some people to think they have colon cancer. Therefore, checking with a doctor before forming a conclusion is vital.

Colon cancer is also treatable if it’s detected at an early stage. Hence, it’s crucial to do a colonoscopy to see potential cancer risk.

How To Treat Hemorrhoids?

How To Treat Hemorrhoids?

Check with the best hemorrhoid doctor in Dubai to get effective medical treatment. Since they’re the experts, they will appropriate medication.

You may opt for home treatment, too; however, consulting a doctor first would be highly advisable. Knowing the type of piles and their causes will allow you to properly take care of your health.

Some of the safe home remedies to cure hemorrhoids are drinking water regularly, consuming rich fibrous foods, and strain prevention during bowel movements. You may also use ice packs to ease swelling or pain.

Large piles may need surgery or if it keeps coming back. Or else, you may use doctor-prescribed medication to ease the pain.

Unlike cancer, the treatment of hemorrhoids is simple and complex-free. Sometimes it goes away even without professional help, given that you’re invested in a healthy lifestyle.


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