How Do Hemorrhoids Go Away? Which Cream Is Best?

How Do Hemorrhoids Go Away? Which Cream Is Best?

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Hemorrhoids can be treated in several ways, including home treatment. However, you must identify the type of piles you suffer from.

This anorectal condition has two types- an external and internal hemorrhoid. Both show different symptoms and need to be treated accordingly.

Piles or hemorrhoids- they’re common terms used for this health condition. It’s a minor problem where the veins around the lower rectum are inflamed or swollen.

Most people aren’t aware of it unless the piles enlarge or get severe. In any case, it’s treatable, given that you consult the best hemorrhoid doctor in Dubai.

Different Ways To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoid

Different Ways To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoid

Getting rid of hemorrhoids can be done in two ways- conventional and unconventional methods.

Conventional method

One can opt for the conventional method if the hemorrhoid is large or severe. The doctor will perform various examinations to see which therapeutic procedure to follow.

• Infrared Coagulation

This type of medical procedure is mainly for internal hemorrhoids. Here the doctor scars the tissue using a device with an infrared light beam. It blocks the blood flow to the piles resulting in a scar around the lower rectum. That way, scar tissue doesn’t bulge and holds its place around the veins.

• Sclerotherapy

This procedure involves injecting the sclerosant -a chemical into the piles’ vein. It destroys the inner vessel resulting in a clot that stops blood circulation in the vein. The vessel fades away with time when the tissue scars.

• Rubber Band Ligation

A rubber band is used to remove piles. The doctor uses a tool called a ligator which is inserted into the anal canal using a lighter tube.

Using forceps, the doctor holds the hemorrhoids and slides the tool upward, thereby releasing the rubber band around the piles. The band stops blood circulation, causing it to fade away over time.

Unconventional Method

It’s more like home treatment. If you have hemorrhoid symptoms, following the unconventional method helps unless it’s severe. Today, most people get rid of this anal problem by treating it at home.

Here are some of the effective home treatments to get rid of piles:

  • Improving your diet is one of the effective ways to get rid of hemorrhoids. Since constipation often involves straining the veins in the lower rectum, it results in this anorectal problem. Eat rich fibrous food for smooth bowel movements.

Also, plenty intake of water is highly recommended. It avoids dehydration, which often leads to constipation. And this result leads to uneasy bowel movements.

  • Practicing good toilet habits is also essential and helps get rid of piles. Avoid holding for long and take the call right away. Prolonging it will make the stool hard, thus resulting in straining the hemorrhoid veins.

In addition, don’t spend an extra hour in the toilet as it worsens the piles. In short, avoid reading newspapers or using the phone while taking a nature call.

  • For mild cases, one may use over-the-counter ointments, pads, or creams recommended by the doctor. Since there are various hemorrhoid products, seek advice from a medical professional first. Buy cream or ointments that contain lidocaine and hydrocortisone or witch hazel.

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