What Are Hemorrhoids And Why It Happens?

What Are Hemorrhoids And Why It Happens?

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By the age of 50, it’s been reported that 50% of adults suffer from hemorrhoids or experience symptoms related to them.

Pronounced as HEM-uh-roids, it’s also commonly called piles. It’s an anal disorder where veins around the anus are swollen.

Constipation or strain during bowel movements often leads to this problem. Besides these, there are other factors, which we’ll discuss further below.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Inflamed veins in the lower rectum or around are called hemorrhoids. It’s a problem that occurs in adult men and women.

Most people aren’t aware of this problem until it leads to discomfort or pain. Fortunately, it’s treatable with the proper medication and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s not a disease but a common health issue commonly caused due to poor digestive system. Fortunately, it’s treatable with proper diet and medication.

Hemorrhoids also comprise two forms:

Hemorrhoids also comprise two forms:

• External hemorrhoids:

  • This type is typically outside the anus. It’s the most common and can be pretty bothersome.

• Signs of external hemorrhoids

Common symptoms of external piles are as follows:

  • Itching around the anus area.
  • One may feel pain or ache while sitting.
  • Swelling or discomfort near the anus.

Note that external hemorrhoids may also lead to the formation of a blood clot on the skin. It’s typically referred to as thrombosed hemorrhoids. Common symptoms of this type include:

  • Itching
  • Bleeding
  • Severe pain

• Internal hemorrhoids:

  • Internal piles occur inside the rectum or within the anus. This type rarely creates discomfort, and you can’t feel or see them.

• Signs of internal hemorrhoids

Some of the common symptoms of internal hemorrhoids are:

  • Bleeding during bowel movement without pain. A small amount of red blood might be in the toilet tissue or bowl.
  • Tissue sticks out through the opening of the anal, causing irritation and pain.


What Causes Hemorrhoids?

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

The most common cause of hemorrhoids is due to intense pressure on veins around the anus. However, there are other possible causes leading to this anal disorder:

  • Diarrhea or chronic constipation.
  • Consumption of low-fiber food.
  • Due to obesity.
  • Sitting on the toilets for a longer duration.
  • Constant strain during bowel movements.
  • Anal sex, which is likely to trigger hemorrhoids.
  • Potential risk in pregnant women. Due to the enlarged uterus, it presses the vein’s colon, thus resulting in bulging.
  • Adults over the age of 50.
  • If one has a family history of piles.
  • Heavy lifting or other body-straining activities may also cause hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are treatable as it’s a common health issue. In some cases, it goes away due to a better lifestyle or proper treatment.

For instance, consume high-fibrous food or increase your water intake if you notice piles of symptoms.

Consult the best hemorrhoid doctor in Dubai to learn more about this anal disorder and receive proper treatment. Timely treatment prevents it from getting worse and helps in fast recovery.


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