How Orthodontists Put On Braces And Tighten And Take It Off?

How Orthodontist Put On Braces And Tighten It And Take It Off?

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Are you considering getting braces? Or has your orthodontist recommended you? Either way, whether you’re curious about how braces are fixed, tightened, and removed, we’ll help you know the process.

How Do Orthodontists Put On Braces?

How Do Orthodontists Put On Braces?

Different methods are used for putting on braces depending on the type of braces you’re getting. Typically, it takes about an hour or two to fix them and does not cause pain, but the pressure from the braces can be discomforting.

Here’s how orthodontists put on braces:

1. Metal Or Ceramic Braces

Before the fixing begins, your orthodontist will place rubber bands or spacers a week ahead if the teeth are very close so that it can open up enough space for the bands to fit the back of the teeth while fixing braces.

To start applying the braces, an orthodontist will first clean your teeth because it has to be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Securing Brackets: Once the teeth are clean and dry, your orthodontist will attach brackets by applying glue or cement in the center of every tooth and using a dental curing light to set the glue. Also, the brackets keep the wire in position.
  • Placing Metallic Bands: To support the brackets, metal bands with the perfect size for your tooth will be placed on your molars using glue.
  • Fixing The Wires: Once the brackets and bands are placed, a wire will be attached using a small rubber band to hold the wire appropriately. After that, the excess wire will be cut so that it doesn’t disturb your mouth or gums.

2. Lingual braces

Attaching lingual braces uses the same procedure as the conventional method. The only difference is that they’re placed on the back of the teeth. Since this process is complex, it takes more time.

3. Invisible Aligners

This process is simple than fixing other braces because it doesn’t involve brackets and wires. An orthodontist will take an impression of your teeth to get invisible aligners and make further adjustments to create the perfect shape.

  • Placing Attachments: Some attention might be required for aligners due to your teeth’ position. Hence, to allow them to move in the proper order, an orthodontist may attach tooth-colored mounds to align the teeth.

How Orthodontists TightenAnd Take Off Braces?

How Orthodontists TightenAnd Take Off Braces?

Your orthodontist will examine the progress and check for issues, which include fixing spaces and replacing bands. While tightening, the dentist will add new wires. Since they apply tension on your teeth, they start losing support as the teeth keep changing positions.

To remove braces, an orthodontist will use a device to release the brackets and wires. Once removed, the teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and polished, and remove any residue.

Then, an x-ray will be taken to check the progress and see if you need a retainer.

Lastly, if you’re looking for the best orthodontist in Dubai to get your braces done, they’re just a call away. So book your appointment today!


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