Who Is Physiotherapist Doctor?

Who Is Physiotherapist Doctor?

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Physiotherapists are in growing demand, owing to the preference for natural healing. And if you’re looking for the best physiotherapist in Dubai, you’ll want to learn about how they operate and the services they provide.

As you continue with this guide, you will learn more about the duties of the profession and discover how to find a reliable physiotherapist.

Physiotherapist: Is It The Same As Physical Therapist?

Physiotherapist: Is It The Same As Physical Therapist?

A physiotherapist doctor is a health expert who provides physiotherapy services. They assess and treat injuries and diseases using physical techniques such as exercises and massages. 

On the other hand, a physical therapist is the same as a physiotherapist, but with a different name. The latter may have been limited to simple massages and stretches in the past. But it now comprises various treatment techniques, and you can use the terms interchangeably.

Physiotherapists are an important part of rehabilitation centers. But they are also available at hospitals, fitness centers, and nursing homes. While most of their practice is carried out without the use of drugs and surgery, physiotherapists may prescribe medicines if the patient has chronic health conditions.

These health experts exercise autonomy, which allows them to plan and practice flexible treatment methods depending on their patient’s needs.

They may provide in-clinic services or services in a home setting wherein doctors visit their patients’ homes. The latter offers more convenience to patients with mobility and commute issues.

What Does A Physiotherapist Do?

What Does A Physiotherapist Do?
  • Provides manual therapy such as massages and exercises to restore normal body function and movement.
  • Employs complex treatments such as ultrasound and electric pulses to further promote recovery.
  • Assigns exercise regime to strengthen the muscles, and bones and improve body coordination.
  • Educates patients on their health concerns and provides strict dos and don’ts.
  • Advises patients on using mobility devices such as crutches and walkers.
  • Recommends a diet plan that provides essential nutrients for repairing damage and boosting overall strength.
  • Assists in post-surgery recovery to help regain mobility and manage pain.
  • Provides drug prescription if required.

Qualities Of A Good Physiotherapist

Qualities Of A Good Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist is responsible for many duties besides evaluating and treating impairments. Here’s how you can identify a reliable one:

Communication Skills

Effective communication is essential to achieving a successful physiotherapy session. So, consider asking questions, explaining your health concern, and observing how they respond. These sessions often span days, weeks, or months, so you must approach an expert who leaves no doubt unsolved.


Physiotherapists are expected to stay up to date with the latest trends in physical therapy. So, it is helpful to seek advice about your issue; they should provide sufficient and detailed answers. This also helps your doctor plan a suitable recovery plan for your convenience.


Physiotherapists must constantly upgrade their skill sets to match the changing lifestyles and emerging ailments.

A reliable expert provides services with varying approaches, depending on categories, such as the age group and medical conditions a patient may have. Furthermore, it is also crucial to determine if the services are available in-clinic and in a home setting.

Now that you’re familiar with the responsibilities and qualities of a physiotherapist, remember to make a checklist of services you wish to avail of before signing up for a plan. It’ll help determine if your physiotherapy sessions will emerge beneficial.


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