3 Effective Ways To Polish and Whiten Your Dental Veneers

Doctor Polishing and Whitening Veneer

Do you want to improve the appearance of your teeth? In the cosmetic scene of dental care, veneers help in answering the plights of all teeth-concerned individuals through long-term treatment. Individuals who have the best veneers in Dubai are said to smile more frequently and with confidence because they don’t have to worry about how they look.

But what happens when the same veneers begin to fade in color and become stained? How to polish or whiten veneers? With this guide, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you’ve noticed discoloration and stains on your veneers already. There are numerous methods for replenishing and reviving them! Let’s take a look at how you can accomplish this.


How to Polish or Whiten Veneer?

The thin shells of the veneers, which are highly durable and anti-stain, are fixed to the surface of the front teeth. However, staining and color changes still occur due to natural causes. To restore them to their original appearance, here’s what you can do.

1. Employ a Tooth-Whitening Technique On the Rear of Your Teeth

How to Employ a Tooth-Whitening Technique On the Rear of Your Teeth

Are your teeth yellow, or are they brown? Whatever color these white helpers or their surroundings are turning into, you should always try out a tooth-whitening technique first. Some veneers, such as porcelain ones, may not be built for the traditional whitening process, but if you have another type, you can try this system out without any worry.

If you are wearing porcelain veneers, you might notice the discolored parts of your natural teeth because of how translucent the veneers are. To help with this issue, you can employ a bleaching agent that will be used on the rear side of your teeth.

There are different types of veneers & their pros and cons, so you need to check with your dentist before applying this method. The last thing you want to do is ruin your veneers, so before you proceed with any self-whitening solutions, speak to your cosmetic doctor and listen to their advice on the matter.


2. Regular Brushing with Anti-Corrosion Toothpaste Polish

brushing teeth to make it healthy and white
If there are stains around the surface or edges of your veneer, pick out a tender polishing toothpaste solution to help remove them. The stains will go away, and a whiter overall look will be brought back. In case the veneer glazing is exhausted, polishing can also be renewed with its shine fortified. Bleach-incorporated toothpaste used for tooth whitening and coarse abrasives like baking soda must be avoided. This type of method can only be applied to natural teeth as they are designed to work in strategies that may not apply to veneers. It can only be easily noticed when you have front teeth veneers, not on the other sides.

3. Book an Appointment with a Dentist

Book an Appointment with a Dentist in dubai

You need not risk damaging your veneers by DIY-ing your way through them. It’s an excellent investment that takes up both your financial and emotional health, so you can schedule a booking with a dentist to check out how to help your teeth in the best way.

Discoloration of the veneers you’re wearing and their staining is very common. You need a professional cosmetic dentist to safely help clean them and revive their original condition and colors while also addressing other issues you may have.  Find the 10 best dental veneers in Dubai.



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