Can Your Dental Veneers Get Stained? How To Keep It White

Doctor in Dubai Showing how to make your teeth Stain Resistance.
Attaining perfect teeth and a beautiful smile is easy with Veneers, a cosmetic treatment that corrects and repairs damaged teeth. And if you’ve recently undergone this treatment, you’re likely looking for ways to prolong their durability. After all, you want Veneers to improve your dental health and not handicap it. So, can Veneers get stained? How would you preserve their strength and color? Keep reading because this article will break down everything about stains and Veneers.

Dental Veneers: Stain Resistance And Care

Teeth Veneers are available in different materials and at varying prices. The most durable porcelain Veneers are stain-resistant as they have a low porosity rate. However, ceramic and composite Veneers aren’t entirely resistant to stains.

High-quality ceramics and composites may resist staining better than low-quality ones, but their porosity rate isn’t as low as porcelain, so they eventually undergo discoloration with prolonged use.

While the best Veneers in Dubai provide exceptional treatments that stand the test of time, you need to put in the effort to keep them looking their best. So, here’s everything on how to get long-lasting Veneers.


1. Maintain Consistent Oral Hygiene

Professional showing benefits of Maintain Consistent Oral Hygiene
Maintaining oral hygiene is the simplest and easiest way to keep your Veneers looking their best. Your original teeth are beneath the Veneers, so they are susceptible to plaque and damage. In addition, poor oral health reflects on your gums and teeth, and the differences in tooth colors will make your Veneers oddly visible. So, maintaining consistent oral hygiene like flossing and brushing your teeth daily and regular dental check-ups is a must.

2. Avoid Abrasive Tooth Cleaning Medium

Doctor operating on patient to Avoid Abrasive Tooth Cleaning Medium

Teeth cleaning is a daily activity, and they’re the reason for most enamel damage and gum issues. Avoid abrasive toothpaste containing ingredients like charcoal and silica derivatives. And if you use mouthwash, avoid those containing alcohol.

To protect and whiten your Veneers, opt for a polishing toothpaste with an RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasivity) below 250.

In addition, avoid brushes with stiff bristles as they can gradually wear away the Veneers. Instead, you can use soft-bristled or electric toothbrushes for safe and effective cleaning.


3. Use A Mouthguard Whenever Required

Mouthguard showing how to protect teeth Whenever Required
Mouthguards are dental appliances that protect your gums and teeth from injuries. They are available in multiple designs to suit different needs and are suitable for sportspersons and people who grind their teeth while sleeping.

4. Adopt Lifestyle Changes

Image showing importance of changing your lifestyle to make your teeth healthy

Caring for your dental Veneers involves lifestyle changes like limiting or quitting smoking and changing your food habits.

Porcelain Veneers aren’t susceptible to discoloration by smoking, but the bonding material, i.e., composite, will turn yellowish or brown over time. As a result, it may create visible lines along the edges where your original tooth and Veneer bond.

As regards food choices, avoid consuming hard foods that can chip and crack your Veneers. Furthermore, it is also imperative to avoid using your teeth to crack nuts and shells or open bottles. Although Veneers are durable, applying such pressure will dramatically reduce their lifespan. 

Summing Up

Much as dental Veneers appear durable, they aren’t immune to damage. Since prevention is always better than cure, the best way to prevent Veneer damage is to care for them starting day one.

Poor oral hygiene, harsh chemicals in your mouthwash and toothpaste, and adverse food and lifestyle habits greatly damage your Veneers. So if you reverse these habits, your Veneers should last a long time and save you money!


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