Best Mandi Restaurant in Dubai: Savor the Sultan’s Feast

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Craving a juicy, flavorful Mandi experience in Dubai? Are you craving a memorable, flavorful adventure that will tantalize your taste buds? You don’t need to look anywhere other than the culinary scene of Dubai, where the aroma of slow-cooked meats and fragrant spices gestures you to discover Mandi.

This iconic Yemeni dish, a tender meat come together with a bed of aromatic rice, is more than just a meal; it’s an Arabic cultural experience. But if you want to go suddenly for a get-together and find the best restaurant, deciding whether we should go is difficult. So, worry not; your search ends here!

We are about to guide you through the world of Mandi in Dubai, helping you unearth hidden gems and savor the most unforgettable Mandi experience the city has to offer. This list of the best mandi restaurants will tantalize your taste buds and point you toward your next delicious escapade.

10 Best Restaurants to Try Mandi in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

1.Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Oman 5.0 Stars
2.Bait Al Mandi Restaurant 5 Locations across Dubai
2 Locations across Sharjah
2 Locations across Ras Al-Khaimah
4.9 Stars
3.Raidan Mandi Restaurant Dubai-Sharjah 4.8 Stars
4.Al Jood Mandi 2 Dubai 4.7 Stars
5.Al Yemen Al Saeed Mandi Restaurant Dubai 4.6 Stars
6.Al Barajeel Mandi Dubai 4.5 Stars
7.Wadi Doan Restaurant Dubai-Sharjah 4.4 Stars
8.Maraheb Restaurant AJMAN - Abu Dhabi - SHRJAH - Dubai 4.3 Stars
9.Siraj Lamb Shank 4.2 Stars
10.Nour Al Madar Mandi Restaurant Dubai 4.1 Stars

1.Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant

Restaurant name Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant
Website bestmandigroup.com
Address Al Fahad Building - Sheikh Rashid Rd - near LULU Hypermarket - Al Karama - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Working hours Everyday : 3:00 ِAM to 3:30 PM
Phone 04 370 6777

The Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant in the UAE opened its doors in 2009 with a vision to provide food lovers with a Middle Eastern dining experience at an affordable price. Since then, the brand has grown into one of the most trusted names in the present-day business world, with 22 outlets across the UAE and Oman. Their claim to fame is their perfectly prepared Mandi, a fragrant rice dish traditionally cooked with meat. They offer various options, including Mutton Mandi with deep-fried mutton pieces and Mutton Madghout featuring slow-cooked mutton in a symphony of Yemeni spices.

The menu here consists of various delicious dishes packed with flavorful elements. You can order anything from grilled meats to vegetarian delicacies. The food is well-prepared with traditional recipes, resulting in an irresistible culinary adventure.

The service is also excellent, which is why this place is so popular. The only downside is that it can get pretty crowded, especially during weekends and holidays. But if you can manage the wait, you will be glad you did! This restaurant is a must-try for Mandi and Yemeni food lovers. The luqaimat is another must-try item on the menu: fried sweet balls filled with syrup. They taste delicious and have a nice crunch texture. Ultimately, every restaurant must have a great dessert to end your meal happily.

Their Clients Says About Their Good Food

2.Bait Al Mandi Restaurant

Restaurant name Bait Al Mandi Restaurant
Website baitalmandi.com
Address G Floor,Metro Building,Al Barsha,Behind Mall of Emirates - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Working hours Everyday: 11:00 ِAM to 1:00 AM
Phone 04 323 3343

Bait Al Mandi restaurant provides tasty mandi and kebab platters. The menu also includes soup, salad, and yogurt. The service is friendly, and the ambiance is cool. The prices are average. It is an ideal place to have a family meal. This popular restaurant chain offers a delightful Mandi experience for both Mandi connoisseurs and curious newcomers.

The food here is very delicious, and the portions are very large. The price is a bit high, but the quality of the food makes it worth it. It is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and offers a variety of cuisines. You can order online from their website. The restaurant has a wide range of vegetarian dishes as well. You can also try their saffron rice and other desserts.

They offer a range of different types of platters as well, including chicken and lamb. A delicious naan bread is also served at the restaurant. You can get a free kulfi when you place an order. This is an excellent place for families and friends to enjoy a delicious meal together.

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3.Raidan Mandi Restaurant

Restaurant name Raidan Mandi Restaurant
Website ---
Address Al Nahda - Al Nahda 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Working hours Everyday : 11:00 AM - 4:00 AM
Phone 04 238 8160

Raidan Mandi Restaurant in Al Nahda is a must-try for a taste of authentic Yemeni Mandi in Dubai. They specialize in the quintessential Yemeni dish – Mandi. Expect fluffy rice infused with warm spices, offering the perfect canvas for their succulent marinated meats. Choose from chicken, lamb, or other options, all slow-cooked to tender perfection, bursting with flavor in every bite.

Raidan Mandi boasts a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, ideal for a family gathering or a casual lunch break. They cater to all ages with their menu and laid-back ambiance. Enjoy a hearty and flavorful Mandi meal at Raidan without breaking the bank. Their menu offers great value for money, making it a perfect spot for those seeking a delicious and affordable dining experience. However, Raidan Mandi offers delivery within their designated areas, bringing the comfort food straight to your doorstep.

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4.Al Jood Mandi

Restaurant name Al Jood Mandi
Website ---
Address Mirdif - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Working hours Everyday : 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Phone 04 288 8724

Al Jood Mandi spot is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys delicious food and drinks. The restaurant features a wide variety of dishes worldwide, including traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. The decor is beautiful, and the service is excellent. The waiters are good listeners and will serve you whatever you desire. The menu also includes a variety of desserts and coffee.

It is not a place for a family outing but an ideal choice for couples and friends. The menu has a variety of options, from traditional grilled meat to more exotic fare like shuwa and kafta. You can also choose from a variety of vegetarian dishes. There is a good selection of food, and the prices are reasonable.

Al Jood Mandi is a good option for Yemeni meals. They offer nicely cooked mandi and grilled chicken. You can order your meal at home using their food delivery service in Dubai. The friendly staff makes this place a great option for anyone who wants to experience authentic Yemeni cuisine. They don’t offer alcohol or a designated play area, but focusing on delicious food at a reasonable price creates a relaxed environment for families.

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5.Al Yemen Al Saeed Mandi Restaurant

Restaurant name Al Yemen Al Saeed Mandi Restaurant
Website ---
Address Al Asayel St - Al Quoz - Al Quoz 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Working hours Everyday : 3:00 PM to 4:00 AM
Phone 05 2802 9964

Al Yemen Al Saeed Mandi Restaurant takes you on a delightful trip to Yemeni flavors. It is known for its luxurious lifestyle and towering skyscrapers but is also a food lover’s paradise. Al Yemen Al Saeed Mandi Restaurant is one of Dubai’s best places to eat mandi dishes. The restaurant has a simple and cozy atmosphere and traditional Arabic seating arrangements. They offer a variety of different Mandi dishes, including lamb and chicken, both of which are cooked to perfection with the perfect balance of flavors. They also have a wide range of other Yemeni dishes and desserts to try.

While Mandi takes center stage, Al Yemen Al Saeed, Mandi boasts a wider menu. You will find flavorful kabsa dishes, biryani variations, and grilled seafood options, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate. Al Yemen Al Saeed Mandi offers convenient delivery through services like Talabat and Eateasy. So you can enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your couch. In addition, customers consistently praise Al Yemen Al Saeed Mandi for its authentic flavors, generous portions, and friendly service. This makes it a great option for a casual and satisfying meal.

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6.Al Barajeel Mandi

Restaurant name Al Barajeel Mandi
Website ---
Address 151 Sheikh Rashid Rd - Al Karama - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Working hours Everyday: 4:00 PM 3:00 AM
Phone 05 4740 1888

Located in several food courts, Al Barajeel Mandi restaurant is loved for its wallet-friendly prices and tasty meat. The meat is slow-cooked, so it falls off the bone. It is served on a bed of rice, full of the meat’s flavors, over which it is slowly cooked. They also offer other Yemeni staples like Haneeth (slow-cooked lamb) and Salta (a hearty stew). Al Barajeel is Known for its welcoming ambiance; this is a good choice for a casual and communal dining experience. They focus on family-style dining, perfect for sharing a feast with loved ones.

This restaurant serves real Yemeni cuisine and is known for its delicious lamb mandi. Its service is fast and friendly, and the atmosphere embodies authentic Arabic culture. Customers love their soup, mutton kababs, mint tea, and dumpling sweets. They also serve Madfoon meat if you are a fan of that. Al Barajeel Mandi offers delivery services through popular platforms like Talabat. So, you can savor their delicious offerings from your home.

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7.Wadi Doan Restaurant

Restaurant name Wadi Doan Restaurant
Website wadidoanrestaurants.com
Address G Floor, Gold Park Building, Sheikh Rashid Road Next to Caesars Restaurant - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Working hours Wednesday - Monday : 3:00PM to 3:00PM
Tuesday: 7:00ِAM to 12:00AM
Phone 04 299 9330

Wadi Doan restaurant is a yummy food-producing chain in Dubai, which is especially popular for succulent mandi dishes, a Yemeni specialty featuring slow-cooked meat or chicken served over fragrant rice. Wadi Doan prioritizes authenticity, using traditional Yemeni spices and cooking methods to create deeply flavorful Mandi experiences. However, their menu boasts a range of Mandi options, including classic lamb and chicken Mandi, alongside more adventurous choices like Madfoon lamb (slow-cooked lamb shank) and Haneeth (steamed meat).

The restaurant is known for its reasonable prices. Wadi Doan allows you to indulge in a hearty and flavorful Mandi meal without breaking the bank. This makes it a fantastic option for both solo diners and groups. You can also order your meal at your desired time, whatever you want. You might also find traditional Yemeni accompaniments like Arabic salad and refreshing beverages to complete your Mandi experience at the time of order.

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8.Maraheb Restaurant

Restaurant name Maraheb Restaurant
Website maraheb.me
Address Rebat St - Nadd Al Hamar - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Working hours Everyday: Open 24 hours
Phone 04 251 4442

For a taste of Yemen right in Dubai, Maraheb Restaurant is a go-to solution to remove hunger from your stomach. Located in Dubai International City, this Yemeni restaurant serves fresh, traditional foods and provides an incredible experience. Its multi-tiered seating layout reflects local and Yemeni traditions. Their menu boasts a variety of traditional dishes, including the star attraction – Mandi, a flavorful rice dish often served with lamb or chicken.

It’s a small, cozy spot that is always packed during lunchtime. The food here is yummy and very affordable. Dining with friends is best, so you can try everything on the menu. While Mandi takes center stage, Maraheb offers a broader exploration of Yemeni flavors.  You can delve into dishes like grilled fish, mutton zurbian (a slow-cooked stew), and a selection of appetizers and side dishes.

They specialize in Lamb Mandi, but you can also try chicken if you’re not a fan of lamb. Their food is very flavourful, and the portion size is large enough for two people to share. They also serve the famous Date Fattah for dessert. Their restaurants are also known for being clean and comfortable, making a restaurant a relaxing place to savor your Yemeni culinary adventure.

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9.Halla Al Yamama Mandi Restaurant

Restaurant name Halla Al Yamama Mandi Restaurant
Website ---
Address Time Place Tower - Marina Walk - Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Working hours Everyday: 11:30 AM to11:30 PM
Phone 800 425 52

Halla Al Yamama is one of the best Arabic restaurant in Dubai that deliver taste to the people’s tongue. They specialize in Mandi dishes, featuring slow-cooked meats like lamb and chicken infused with aromatic spices, served over fragrant basmati rice. Their menu offers a variety of options, including starters, salads, grilled items, seafood, and even create-your-own options. You will also find delightful sides, refreshing juices, and Arabic sweets.

The restaurant has a warm and welcoming environment that is super friendly and takes great pleasure in guiding dinners toward great choices. The decor seamlessly blends traditional elements with modern comforts, creating a charming and comfortable dining space perfect for families, friends, and colleagues alike. Customers consistently praise the delicious food, highlighting the freshness, speed of service, and friendly staff. However, they also offer an outdoor seating experience that is unavailable in most mandi restaurants. You can arrange a meetup in the stunning view of Dubai Marina right after your delicious meal to make your mood more happy.

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10.Nour Al Madar Mandi Restaurant

Restaurant name Nour Al Madar Mandi Restaurant
Website ---
Address Green Community Village - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Location Map
Working hours Everyday :9:00AM to 11:00PM
Phone 05 2221 2170

Nour Al Madar Mandi Restaurant offers a taste of authentic Yemeni Mandi in Dubai. Unlike some restaurants with broader menus, Nour Al Madar specializes in Mandi, ensuring their expertise lies in perfecting this beloved dish. If you crave the classic Mandi experience, this is the spot. Nour Al Madar primarily features lamb Mandi, slow-cooked to juicy perfection and infused with aromatic spices.

The restaurant complements its Mandi with a selection of traditional sides and refreshing drinks, offering a complete and flavorful dining experience. However, at Nour Al Madar, they believe in providing exceptional hospitality to their guests. Their friendly staff members are dedicated to ensuring that you feel welcomed and taken care of from the moment you walk through their doors until the moment you leave.

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Mandi is a Yemeni dish usually made from rice, meat or chicken, and a mixture of plethora of spices. This traditional dish is cooked from small and large lamb to increase the taste and fill the tongue with a memorable taste. The meat should not be grilled or boiled; no oil drop is used to cook.

The level of spiciness in Mandi depends on the restaurant and the diner's preferences. However, Mandi is mildly spiced with aromatic spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper. Diners can request their Mandi to be customized according to their preferred spice level.

  • Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant (Al Karama)
  • Bait Al Mandi Restaurant (Deira)
  • Al Jood Mandi (Mirdif)

Note: For your satisfaction, you can check their website or Google for reviews.

Yes, many Mandi restaurants offer a wider menu. You might find options like salads, appetizers, and Arabic desserts. If you want the customized order, you can pre-book your table and order what you want.

Both! Most Mandi restaurants offer dine-in seating, but takeaway and delivery options are often available.

Prices can vary depending on the restaurant and the type of Mandi (chicken, lamb). Expect to pay anywhere from AED 50 to AED 70 for two persons.

Traditionally, Mandi is a meat-based dish. However, some restaurants might offer vegetarian or vegan alternatives like lentil or vegetable Mandi. It's best to check menus or contact the restaurant directly. In addition, the Marina and Downtown Dubai are good places to eat vegetarian food. There are a lot of restaurants in both places that have specific tastes that touch your mouth, and you will never forget that taste.

Reservations are generally not required for Mandi restaurants, especially during weekdays. However, if you are planning a large group outing or visiting during peak hours (weekends), calling ahead and reserving a table might be a good idea.


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