Is Thai Massage Without Oil And Does It Hurt?

Is Thai Massage Without Oil And Does It Hurt?

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Unlike your regular massage therapies, Thai massage does not include any oil during the sessions.

Instead, this dry massage therapy is performed by a trained therapist using various stretching techniques, deep compression, and rhythmic pressing of the entire body. 

This leads to complete relaxation, promotes circulation, and helps with various stress and joint-related problems.

However, even though the scientific benefits of a Thai massage are proven using various studies, it was originally based on the idea the human body is built on energy and moves throughout, using pathways known as sens.

The purpose was to increase the flow of this energy along the pathways; hence, the therapist moves your body in various yoga-type positions and other techniques without using oil.

Does It Hurt?

Does It Hurt?

Traditional Thai massage requires you to be slightly flexible as you participate in different stretches.

It also involves various other techniques that target muscles and the circulatory system, so experiences might differ.

However, if you’re new to Thai massage and you’re the least flexible person you can imagine, there might be a little discomfort. 

Regardless, people who have experienced Thai massage will tell you that it hurts slightly, but the pain is the good part.

A good chance that the pain people refer to is the slight sensation of feeling sore the day after or during the massage since they apply pressure and work with deep tissue manipulation. 

However, the immense relaxation or surge of energy you get after the massage is worth it all.

What Do You Do If You Feel Serious Pain?

What Do You Do If You Feel Serious Pain?

There’s a good chance that either you have some condition or your pain tolerance might be slightly lower than what the masseuse is used to in other clients. 

However, if you ever feel any pain that you can’t handle, tell the Thai massage therapist immediately. 

You can also tell the masseuse beforehand that you only want the relaxation part of the Thai massage. But not getting the full experience might not be what you are looking for.

Are There Any Risks Related To Thai Massage

Are There Any Risks Related To Thai Massage

Thai massage is extremely safe, and since it’s been used for its therapeutical effects for centuries, people of any age can experience it. But there are certain risks that you should be aware of.

Considering that Thai massage targets the circulatory system, people with these conditions are exposed to risks:

Cardiovascular diseases

Experts recommend that people suffering from cardiovascular diseases should consult their doctor before getting a Thai massage.

Spinal Conditions

The therapy involves stretches on your whole body, which might affect people suffering from spinal conditions or conditions like osteoporosis.


Since Thai massage involves somewhat intense techniques, it could add further harm and pose multiple health risks. 

For people with cancer, look for a lighter massage session since it is known to help with various side effects from chemo.

Wrapping Up

Thai massage is one of the most widespread practices globally, not only because of the satisfying relaxation it offers at the end of every session but also because of its benefits.

Look up the best Thai massage in Dubai and get the full traditional experience you’ve always wanted!


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