What Is Thai Massage And What Does It Include?

What Is Thai Massage And What Does It Include?

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Thai massage is a traditional art, a form of massage that’s been around for more than 2,400 years. It differs from your regular or traditional massages exceedingly.

This ancient therapeutic art is considered Thai medicine for healing, relieving pain, improving flexibility, and stimulating various organs, among other benefits.

The locals call it Nuad Bo’Rarn, one of the most sought-after massages globally.

The Origin Of Thai Massage

The Origin Of Thai Massage

Even though it is and was practiced in Thailand for centuries, this ancient art of therapeutic massage is believed to have originated in India. 

Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a master of medicine, referred to as “Father Doctor” by the locals, was believed to be a friend of the buddha. He created this art with his immense knowledge of medicine and was crowned the inventor. 

To this day, Thai healers practice the morals of thanking Father Doctor after and before the traditional Thai massage session.

What Does It Include?

What Does It Include?

Thai massage is an experience far from your regular massage sessions and is as therapeutic as you would imagine. 


The usual tissue manipulation and use of oil or lotions you would expect from massage therapies are disregarded. They instead follow various traditional principles that drown you with multiple benefits at the end of the massage.

Nuad Bo’Rarn is also seen as a performance where the client lies down on a mat, fully clothed, and the therapist uses their hands or feet to act out various movements or techniques. 

Various parts of their arm, like the palm, forearm, thumb, elbow, fingers, or even feet, are used solely to perform these different techniques, all to relieve tension, improve flexibility, relaxation, and better circulation, among other benefits. 

Prepare Yourself The Right Way

Prepare Yourself The Right Way

If you’ve never experienced a traditional Thai massage, don’t fret! Here’s a small Thai massage 101 to help you get acquainted.

The Proper Dress Code

Thai massage treatment does not involve oil, so you’ll find yourself fully clothed during the session. 

But it is important to note that the treatment requires you to be in multiple positions related to yoga and performing various stretches. Clothes that are free to move in are the best choices when getting a Thai massage.

The Rule Of Not Eating

While it certainly is okay to munch on light meals before a Thai massage, it is recommended by most people that you should eat, if you must, an hour before going for your session.

It is similar to not eating before running or swimming since it may lead to cramps and other digestive problems.

Stretching Beforehand Might Help

If you’re new to Thai massage and you’re not the slightest bit flexible, stretching at home might help reduce the light pain that comes from various positions and stretches during the session.


Wrapping Up

It is evident that Thai massages are always met with high regard due to their multiple benefits; the relaxation it offers after a session is unmatched, and the authentic practice is spreading internationally.

If you’re from the Middle East and want an authentic experience, the best Thai massage in Dubai is worth checking out.


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