What age can a child go to nursery in Dubai?

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Sending your little one to best nursery in Dubai? Great choice! But, figuring out the starting age can be confusing.  Here’s the scoop: Dubai nurseries welcome little ones as young as 45 days old!  That’s right, from babies to preschoolers, there are programs for every age group.  We’ll explore the age ranges for different nursery stages in Dubai so you can find the perfect fit for your tiny tot!

Age Requirements for Nursery in Dubai

According to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the government body that regulates education in Dubai, nurseries can accept children from a very young age:

  • Minimum Age: As young as 45 days old! This caters to babies in the Early Learning Stage, where nurseries provide infants with a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Maximum Age: Up to 6 years old. This applies to nurseries that have obtained permission from the KHDA to offer programs for Foundation Stage 2 (FS2) and KG1/Year 1. These programs cater to children aged 4 to 6 years old.

Multiple Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Nursery

1.Developmental Readiness

Parents should assess their child’s developmental readiness before enrolling them in the nursery. While some children may thrive in a structured learning environment at an early age, others might benefit more from additional time at home. Observing your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development can help determine if they are ready for nursery.

2.Quality of Education and Care

Parents should prioritize institutions that offer high-quality education and care when selecting a nursery. This includes qualified and experienced teachers, a stimulating learning environment, and a curriculum that supports holistic development. Visiting potential nurseries, speaking with staff, and reading reviews can provide insight into the quality of education and care offered.

3.Location and Accessibility

The location of the nursery is another essential factor to consider. Parents should choose a conveniently located nursery, making drop-off and pick-up easier. Additionally, nurseries in safe and accessible areas provide peace of mind for parents.

4.Cost and Affordability

The cost of nursery education in Dubai varies depending on factors such as the institution’s reputation, facilities, and curriculum. Parents should consider their budget and weigh the cost of nursery fees against the quality of education and care provided.

Benefits of Early Childhood Education

1.Socialization and Communication Skills

Attending nursery provides children with opportunities to socialize with peers and develop essential communication skills. Interacting with teachers and classmates fosters language development, emotional intelligence, and teamwork.

2.Cognitive Development

Early childhood education programs in nurseries are designed to stimulate children’s cognitive development. Activities such as storytelling, singing, and sensory play promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

3.Preparation for School

Nursery education lays the foundation for future academic success. Children learn important skills such as following instructions, sharing, and taking turns, which are essential for a smooth transition to formal schooling.


In Dubai, children can start attending nursery from the age of 2 years old, according to government regulations. However, parents should thoroughly consider their child’s individual readiness and research nursery options before deciding. By prioritizing factors such as quality of education, location, and affordability, parents can ensure that their child receives the best possible start to their educational journey. Early childhood education in nurseries prepares children academically and fosters social, emotional, and cognitive development, laying the groundwork for future success.


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