How Much Does Web Design Cost In Dubai?

How Much Does Web Design Cost In Dubai?

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There are various kinds of websites out there with unique features. Every picture, button, and feature amount to the total cost of creating the website in the first place. Hence, giving only a specific range under which all website design services cost is impossible.

Looking at all the website design services in Dubai, the cheapest services can be as low as 1000 AED. But if you are going for a complicated and extensive website like Amazon or eBay, the cost will increase to even 200,000 AED.

Average/Simple Webpage:

It can cost anywhere from 4000 AED- to about 30,000 AED.

Typical E-Commerce Website:

With all the basic features, the price range starts from around 7000 AED, but if you want to add more features, it can increase to about 50,000 AED.

High-End E-Commerce Websites:

These highly complex e-commerce websites require special coding techniques and extra resources from the developers’ end. Hence the price is quite hefty- starting at about 30,000 AED and going as high as 80,000 AED to even 200,000 AED.


If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can always take the help of freelance web designers who charge anywhere from 1000 AED to 5000 AED. The only issue with these services is that they only use readymade templates, so there isn’t any room for customizations.

It defeats the purpose of using your web design to attract more customers and grow your company.

Factors That Contribute To The Final Pricing

Factors That Contribute To The Final Pricing

Number Of Web Pages That Your Company Needs:

This essentially boils down to one question- how big do you want your company’s website to be? An average webpage comprises 10-15 pages, but some smaller companies might only have about 5 to 10 pages.

If you are a company that offers many services, consider a bigger website with more pages. This will also ensure that whatever content you have on your website is well organized into its categories.

Remember that if you are creating an e-commerce website, the number of pages could easily reach as high as 50,000. Hence the price of these kinds of websites will increase in significant amounts.

Do You Need Content As Well?

If you want your web designing team to develop content for your website, the final price of your website will increase significantly. Since content writing involves getting a whole new party involved, you must consider this party’s fees in the overall bill.

Number Of Features You Want In Your Website:

Depending on what your company is about, your website will have to cater to specific customers’ needs. For example, if you’re running an e-commerce website, you might need additional features from your website designing teams, such as a secure payment gateway, sales support, and a shopping cart or a wishlist.

On the other hand, if you create a website for restaurants and hotels, you should connect your website to a database for bookings, such as SQL, which will also increase your total bill. If you want SEO services included in your package, this will also increase your price.

All these are additional features that don’t typically go into average or simple websites; hence, they will be considered an add-on to your total bill.

Your Target Traffic:

Depending on what your target engagement rate is for your website, the developers will use different kinds of coding. They will also require a different server, for which you must bear the cost. For example, for government service websites that are expected to garner at least a few million visitors, you will have to use a different coding method, requiring much more brainwork and even additional resources.


All businesses nowadays need a functional website to remain relevant in the market and keep up with their competitors. While it might seem like a lot of money, you should consider it an investment that will bring you good returns as long as you maintain the upkeep of your website.

Before you decide to invest money in building and managing your company’s webpage, make sure that you choose the best web design company in Dubai so you get your money’s worth.


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